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Photo Submission Contest

Our Mission

We are dedicated to connecting students, faculty and community members to academic community engagement and co-curricular service opportunities within and beyond the University.


In the PAC

Your photo could appear on the wall of the Programs and Councils Center on Grounds!

The Faces of public service at u.Va.


Submit your best photo depicting U.Va. students engaged in service and win a spot on the wall of the Programs and Councils Center ("the PAC")!

The Faces of Public Service at U.Va. photo submission contest has ended. Thank you for participating!


Top Prize: It's a tie! (1) "Serving Charlottesville's Four-legged Friends," by Ian Dillard and (2) "Members of APO volunteering by painting a fence on a sunny day in Louisiana," by Elizabeth Vranas. Ian and Elizabeth have each won a spot on the wall of the Programs and Councils Center (the PAC) on a 16 x 16" canvas! Be sure to stop by the PAC to view these amazing photos.

Para Coffee Gift Card(s): (1) "The Universe at your Fingertips," by Rachael L. Beaton, and (2) "Musical Instrument Petting Zoo," by Janet Kaltenbach (photo by Dory Hulse).

Best Caption: "Estrogen 82," by Brenda Peterson. Because the crew of the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department is composed of all women from Engine 82, the group was dubbed, "Estrogen 82."

Honorary space on Learning in Action: (1) "Each screw, each box, each seed, each herb, gradual growth," by Ariel Kao, (2) "Up-Cycled Greenhouse at Venable Elementary School," by Carly Gordon, (3) "Uprooting," by Lisa Anderson, (4) "Musical Instrument Petting Zoo," by Janet Kaltenbach, (5) "Estrogen 82," by Brenda Peterson, and (6) "Shifting Earth," by Brittany Fan. View these winning photographs in the Learning in Action slideshow on the home page!


Contest Rules

To enter, please complete the short form and upload your photo. Please identify any individual(s) that appear in the photo. Individuals may be contacted to ensure permission to print is granted, and any individuals outside of the University community must complete a photo release form. Please upload high resolution image files that are suitable for print (at least 300 ppi). If the resolution is too low, the photo may not be eligible for all of the prizes. Multiple winners will be selected for one or more of the prizes listed below.

Share your photo on the Learning in Action Facebook page. The number of likes on Facebook will be considered in determining the winning photo. There will be a prize for the best photo caption!

Prizes include:*

  1. A spot on the wall of the Programs and Councils Center ("The PAC") as a 16 x 16" canvas print. The PAC is located on the first floor of Newcomb Hall and is a new space that is home to Student Council, class councils, and University Programs Council (UPC).
  2. A $25 gift card to Para Coffee on the Corner.
  3. An honorary space on the Learning in Action website banner. Learning in Action is the U.Va. public service website.
  4. A spot in the Learning in Action slideshow on the home page.

Deadline to submit your photo is Thursday, May 9. Winners will be notified via email by Friday, May 10. Gift card(s) may be collected at the start of the fall semester, if necessary.

This contest is presented by the Public Service Committee of Student Council, the Office of the Dean of Students, and Student Affairs Community Engagement.

Questions? Contact 434-924-0901.

* You could win one or more of these prizes.