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Welcome to Learning in Action – the front door to public service at the University of Virginia, dedicated to connecting students, faculty and community partners to social entrepreneurship, community engagement and co–curricular service opportunities.

Service Events and Opportunities


Sky Alland Scholarship

Deadline: Jan. 31

The selection committee for the Sky Alland Scholarship is now accepting nominations. Candidates should be rising fourth-year students who exemplify enterprising spirit, leadership, achievement, humility, and devotion to the University ...

New Major! Youth and Social Innovation

Application deadline: Feb. 1

Are you interested in pursuing a meaningful career working with or on behalf of youth? Are you a UVa first- or second-year?
Find out more about our exciting new major ...

Apply to be an orientation leader

Deadline: Feb. 2, 4 p.m.

Each year, Orientation and New Student Programs will select a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate leaders to assist with implementing Orientation programs during the summer and fall. Orientation Leaders serve as guides for new students, who are making the transition from their previous environment to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of the University ...

Intake Volunteering at pacem

Through March 27, 5:15 to 6:45 p.m., The Haven (112 West Market Street)

PACEM Intake takes place every night during our shelter season, which runs October 25, 2014, through March 27, 2015. We ask volunteers to show up at The Haven by 5:15 to get the coffee brewing and get everything organized in the kitchen and dining room. PACEM Intake begins at 5:30 and lasts until around 6:30 each night. Intake duties include making coffee and setting it out with sugar, milk, water, and ice cubes for the PACEM guests as they go through the Intake process. You'd also pass out hot chocolate packets and tea and talk with the guests. This volunteer opportunity helps make the Intake process less stressful for the people who need a place to stay, and it gives them something to drink while they're waiting to get on the bus to head to the congregation that's hosting that night. You can help once a week or once a month, really as little or as much as you'd like. We have one to two volunteers a night, so this is a great opportunity for students, individuals, and friends ...


Featured Center

Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service embodies the University of Virginia's commitment to serve the people of the Commonwealth. The Center’s mission is to anticipate and forecast change and to serve as a resource to those who need to recognize and address that change. The Center traces its ancestry to the Bureau of Public Administration, created at the University in 1931. The mission is pursued through the provision of policy analysis, applied research, technical assistance, leadership development, survey research, consultation, and training for state and local officials, community leaders, as well as members of the general public. The Center's 60 member staff includes experts in public policy and management, leadership, demographics, economics and finance, politics, organizational development, survey research, workforce issues and experiential education.