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Student Organizations Directory

The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national and international community service activities, fundraising and activism. Students self-select the Public Service category through the student organization registration processes and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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  • Engineering Students without Borders

    Engineering Students Without Borders is an organization that promotes the application of engineering to community development by providing resources to its membership.  The members of ESWB share a common interest in finding feasible and sustainable ways to implement development strategies and engineering design methodologies to meet basic human needs.  The organization is dedicated to helping engineering students realize their goals and promote their causes by hosting lectures and workshops, encouraging dialogue, advocating for support from the University, providing project presentations, and helping members attain funding and guidance for their project ideas. 

    On a secondary level, the organization also hosts international projects and local projects through executive positions.  It is the organization’s desire to partner with individuals, institutions, organizations, universities, and communities to undertake development projects within the framework of fostering long-term, sustainable, and reciprocal relationships. 

  • Ethiopian Student Union

    The Ethiopian Student Union will strive to achieve but will not be limited to the following objectives:

    1.       To increase the number of Ethiopian students at UVA by actively recruiting and serving as a resource during the application process.

    2.       To bring together Ethiopian students and alumni at UVA and work towards specific goals set by the members.

    3.       To foster a sense of service toward pressing issues regarding the Ethiopian community both locally and globally.

    4.       To promote Ethiopian culture within the university community and contribute to its diversity.

  • European Society

    The purpose of the European Society is to develop, foster and maintain communication between students from Europe and bond them with the members of the university community whom are affiliated, interested or involved in matters related to Europe. Our activities revolve around promoting European culture, history and politics as well as highlighting the countries from Europe that are represented by students at the University campus. Our organization brings an innovative and unique perspective by presenting the viewpoints and experiences of international students and connecting them to members of the university community.