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Student Organizations Directory

The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national and international community service activities, fundraising and activism. Students self-select the Public Service category through the student organization registration processes and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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  • Habitat for Humanity

    More than 3,000 homes around Charlottesville qualify as "substandard," according to the Albemarle County Housing Advisory Committee. More than half of these homes are owned or occupied by low-income families that are unable to afford repairs. Habitat for Humanity @ UVA is part of a worldwide nonprofit organization that helps solve the problem of substandard housing, one family at a time. Habitat volunteers work side-by-side with Habitat homeowners, known as partner families. The partner families invest hundreds of hours of their own labor -- "sweat equity" -- into building their own houses and the homes of fellow partner families. Since there are no labor costs, no profits for the builders and no interest, most partner families pay less per month for their Habitat home than they paid in rent for a substandard dwelling. We are working to build homes for Hurricane Katrina victims through Operation Home Delivery this Fall with help from the faculty, parents, and the community. We plan to raise money to sponsor an entire house by the end of the Spring semester here in Charlottesville and will send a group of students on a Spring Break trip to build homes this Spring.

  • Helping Advocate Rights Through Stories

    Our nation is in a state of utter confusion and disparity. Our politicians and officials are submitt faulty policy that becomes approved. While us, the generation of this time, the millennials, are forced to reap the consequences of these newly implemented laws. We are the citizens that range from the ages of 15-24; we comprise the nation’s high schools, universities, and we stand as the future, ingenuitive force within the world. Yet our concerns, issues, our rights, are not those which are being addressed by our representatives. Harts, a group consisting of millennials, urges our generation to raise awareness regarding those issues that most affect our lives. As citizens of this nation we have the right to be heard, acknowledged, and ultimately granted effective representation. Harts works to ensure comprehensive family life education for all young people regardless of discriminating factors. We work to defund abstinence-only education programs as well as target HIV and AIDS issues. We strive to provide each individual with contraceptive and abortion access while promoting  GLBTQ rights and awareness. Harts strives to create an open space geared to increase cultural competence and self-right through dialogue, connecting on urgent issues within our community. Your experiences/concerns and my experiences/concerns become our stories, millennials stories'. We have an open hart for a unified community.

  • Hispanic American Network at Darden

    The Hispanic American Network at Darden is a student run organization that benefits its membership by providing volunteer, networking, social, and academic services and events.

  • Hoos for a Cure

    Hoos for a Cure is a Club at the University of Virginia. Hoos for a Cure raises money for donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night® Walk, to raise awareness about blood cancers and the Society’s goals, and to coordinate efforts at the University of Virginia aimed at contributing to the Light the Night Walk.

    Our funds support the Society's mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma (blood cancers), and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. The Society funds research and provide patient services, professional education, and advocacy.

    The Light the Night Walk is The Society’s annual 2-3 mile walk. Participants carry illuminated balloons in celebration and commemoration of lives touched by cancer: survivors carry white balloons while other walkers carry red balloons. Walkers can participate as individuals or in teams and raise funds before the walk.

  • Hoos for Memory

    Hoos for Memory is a group of students passionate about raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer's research. We intend to work closely with groups both on and off Grounds with a similar interests for fundraising and advocacy purposes. Namely, we will work with the Alzheimer's Association of Central and Western Virginia. Additionally, we hope to develop a close relationship with area nursing homes, particularly those with an Alzheimer's ward, and serve these communities through volunteer service. We will hold various fundraising efforts throughout the year and donate all proceeds to Alzheimer's research.

  • Hoos for Obama

    Hoos for Obama is a student-run group dedicated to helping Barack Obama secure victory in the 2012 elections. Through canvassing, voter registration, and grassroots campaigning Hoos for Obama will work toward keeping Barack Obama in the White House.

  • Hoos for Open Access

    'Hoos for Open Access is an organization dedicated to increasing socioeconomic diversity at UVa and in higher education in general. In order to aid the University in its quest for true diversity, we have created two main goals. First, we seek to educate prospective students about the possibility of higher eduction and programs like AccessUVa. Our second goal is to enhance the college experience for those students with financial need at the University. Through our efforts, we hope to create a rewarding and enriching atmosphere for all students at the University of Virginia.

  • Hoos Open to Preventing Eating Disorders

    HOPE is an organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of eating disorders and disordered eating on grounds and throughout the Charlottesville community in order to better prepare students to intervene in the lives of their friends, roommates, or loved ones. We also strive to promote body positivity and a healthy body image on grounds.

    HOPE is not a counseling service, but will provide resources to those who ask for it. 

  • Human Rights Film Festival

    HRFF is a student-run organization at the University of Virginia that organizes and coordinates an annual film festival centering on the issue of human rights. The HRFF aims to foster awareness about human rights issues on grounds and to encourage students to think critically about and take action on these issues. HRFF endeavors to accomplish this by increasing consciousness about these issues through publicity efforts and by stimulating discussion among film-viewers following film screenings. HRFF’s priority is to work collaboratively with marginalized human rights, social justice and action-based groups to publicize their issues and to debunk the myth that human rights is only an international issue.