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Student Organizations Directory

The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national and international community service activities, fundraising and activism. Students self-select the Public Service category through the student organization registration processes and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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  • Virginia Biotechnology Association – Chapter at UVA

    The Virginia Biotechnology Association Chapter at UVA works to create a mentorship program between university students and local high schoolers to increase an interest in science.

  • Virginia Health and Safety Club

  • Virginia Innocence Project Student Group

    VIPS recruits law student volunteers to investigate claims of individuals imprisoned in Virginia who claim to be innocent. Those who seek help from VIPS have in almost all cases exhausted the remedies that they have under the legal system and are desperate for assistance. VIPS volunteers will have the opportunity to work for justice for these people. VIPS operates under the guidance of the UVA Innocence Project Clinic and the Washington, D.C.,-based Innocence Project of the National Capital Region (IPNCR), which includes student groups from five other D.C.-area law schools, including Georgetown University, the University of Maryland and American University. Since 1989, the Innocence Project groups established across the country have been responsible for 151 exonerations of innocent individuals, including at least eight in Virginia.

  • VITA at UVA Law

    Since 2007, VITA at Virginia Law, in cooperation with CASH at Madison House, has assisted lower-income taxpayers in the greater Charlottesville community with preparing their federal and state income tax returns.  Volunteers also ensure that taxpayers receive all tax credits to which they are entitled. Services are provided for free and are provided in conjunction with the IRS's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Students receive training on how to provide tax assistance and are encouraged to come as often as their schedules allow. Training hours and on-site volunteer hours qualify as pro bono hours toward the Pro Bono Challenge.

    While most area VITA programs are run and staffed by professional non-profits or community credit unions, this one is entirely student-run.  Furthermore, the student volunteers have been responsible for administration and staffing of the VITA program, without dedicated law school staff or financial support.  Law student volunteers, in partnership with undergraduate volunteers, provide a valuable service to the community by helping clients who might otherwise be forced to pay a tax preparer or struggle to navigate the tax system on their own.  Law student volunteers gain an appreciation for public service by seeing the impact their work has on the community.  Volunteers at this VITA clinic saved taxpayers more than $95,000 in tax preparation fees that they might have otherwise had to pay for assistance.

  • Volunteer Organizations