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Student Organizations Directory

The student organizations listed here are involved in service through local, national and international community service activities, fundraising and activism. Students self-select the Public Service category through the student organization registration processes and staff assign this category to administrative organizations.

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  • Warm Up America

    Warm Up America is a national organization that knits and crochets afghans and distributes them to those in need. Students and volunteer groups knit or crochet 7"X9"  patches that are assembled into blankets and given out through Red Cross chapters, and to other smaller community organizations.

    This chapter donates the blankets to the local women's shelter.

  • White Ribbon Campaign at UVa

    This group is a campaign to end intimate partner and gender based violence.  We are working on on implementing mandatory bystander education as well as raising money for the UVA Women's Center. We strive to create a solidarity in the community against this violence. Take the pledge today to stop the violence and demand your rights.

  • Women for Women International at UVa

    Women all over the world are subject to injustice and violence unknown and unimaginable to many of us. Eighty percent of all those injured or killed in war are civilians. Of those, seventy-five percent are women and children. Women are targeted for rape and violence as a tool of war. They are often forced from their homes, lose husbands and children and become the sole providers for their families.

    Women for Women International provides these women with the tools they need to move from victims, to survivors, to active citizens. We have served over 250,000 women in eight countries around the world, providing financial assistance, job skills training, and rights awareness education. Eighty-seven percent of our graduates report having more income to support their families, send their children to school, and invest in the future.

    Women are the future of many conflict and post-conflict countries all over the world. Women have the chance to make lasting change on their communities. This change won’t happen until women are given the same opportunities as men to succeed. When women receive equal treatment they improve not only their family’s economic situation, but also the economy of their communities. Women reinvest ninety percent of their income in their families and communities, compared with men who reinvest thirty to forty percent. Women are making a difference in their communities and are breaking the cycle of poverty, but they need your help. 

  • Women in Mathematics and Sciences

    Our goals are to provide support and guidance for female mathematicians and scientists at the University of Virginia; to create awareness of issues affecting career development and success; to centralize resources available for career and personal development; and to promote service outside of the University community for young scientists.

  • Women's Health Virginia

    Women's Health Virginia will allow members to participate in providing grassroots input to WHV's main office about issues affecting college women's wellness in order to shape WHV's education and research programs. In additon, WHV will allow students to be involved in discussion groups or presentations involving other students and faculty. They could also plan events to raise awareness of women and girls' wellness concerns, including Women and Girls' Wellness Month programs in April.