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Deadlines and Announcements

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by webcom
  • Thanks to the 200+ faculty and graduate student from across Grounds who attended our Quantitative Collaborative CAFE Research Retreat on September 27.  The event was our first ever research retreat for faculty and graduate students working using quantitative methods to explore and understand social behavior and featured a lunch plenary with the latest updates on federal funding and a dinner featuring guest speaker Peter Miller of the Census Bureau’s Center for Adaptive Design.  The program for the event can be found here.
  • Thanks to everyone who attended the two talks by Princeton Neuroscientist and Election Forecaster Sam Wang of the Princeton University on September 5!  Great to get insights from someone who works with very different types of data but found these tool applicable to the challenge of aggregating and interpreting election poll data in real time.  Check the local news coverage of this event here.

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