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ALERT -- May 2016 Reconciliations

Travel & Expense Card Transactions for May 2016

The recent Integrated System upgrade created an unintended consequence related to Travel and Expense Card (Pcard) transactions in May 2016. Transactions for this period will only display "Bank of America" and any description entered by the user (keyed by hand) in the Employee/Vendor Comment field. These transactions do not include the cardholder name or the vendor. This issue is being addressed and will not occur next month (June 2016).

To obtain the missing information, please run the Discoverer Report "PS_Travel and Expense Card Transactions by Project" to assist in your reconciliations.

For additional details or help with the report, please contact Procurement Services.

Labor Encumbrances for May 2016

Labor encumbrances were not generated for G&C projects in May due to a technical error in the Integrated System. This means the commitments for the remaining FY16 payrolls for this project type are not included in the reports for May, both Discoverer and Recon@.

The monthly payroll encumbrances have been corrected and are reflected in the Jun-16 Discoverer and Recon@UVA reports. The bi-weekly payroll encumbrance corrections will appear in the Jun-16 reports beginning Thursday, June 16th.

Please use the Jun-16 reports to review remaining labor commitments for FY16.

Recon@UVa Help

UVA Help Desk

Users may contact the UVA Help Desk for assistance. We ask that you take a moment to review the Help Topics section prior to contacting the UVA Help Desk, as answers to the most commonly asked questions should be found there.

Help Topics

Our Help Topics section (the menu bar to the right) is the easiest and quickest way to view more information on using Recon@UVa. It includes "how-to" steps for common processes within the system.

Please be sure to provide the following information whenever contacting us regarding questions on your experience in Recon@UVa:

  • Your Name and Computing ID;
  • Type of computer (Mac or PC);
  • Browser used;
  • Error, problem and/or question you are contacting us about;
  • Description of activity that produced the error;
  • Project Number and Award combination;
  • The reconciliation month you are inquiring about;
  • The status of that Project/Award combination; and
  • Your role (Preparer, Approver, etc.).


  • Changes to roles in Recon@ (Preparer, Examiner, Approver, and Fiscal Officer) must be made in the Integrated System using the responsibility GM_Role Manager.
      For more information, check out the Role Manager Toolkit found on the UHR website.
  • Instructions for Approvers are available
  • Online training materials are available
  • The system maintenance window is Mondays from 7 to 8 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why don't I get a green arrow when I've "checked off" all my expenditure detail items?
    Proper fiscal management includes a review of planned expenses (such as commitments for outstanding purchasing orders and encumbrances for expected salary expenditures). If a budget category does not have any expenditure detail items and only planned expenses you must review the planned expenses tab and check the box in the blue header on this tab. This will take the budget category line to "100%" in the Progress column.

  • Q: Why don’t I see all of my Budget Categories and their subtotals?
    A: The system is designed to show only the Budget Categories that have current month activity (unless there are planned expenses). The totals and subtotals can be seen on the printed version of the Budget Balance Available (BBA).

  • Additional FAQ's

Any questions? Please email us at


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