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System Generated Emails Launched in November


For many weeks we have been working with our technical team to refine and test three new system-generated emails designed to ensure compliance with reconciliation deadlines.  Thanks to all of you who have provided feedback, and for supporting this important internal control.

In addition to the Month End and Change in Activity emails that you are currently receiving, we have added the following:

  • Reminder – Sent to all reconcilers (preparers, examiners, approvers and their alternates) 5 days prior to the due date for projects that remain unapproved in the current reconciliation period.
  • Fiscal Officer – sent to designated Fiscal Officers 30 days after the due date for projects that remain overdue.
  • Executive emails – sent to Deans or VPs (or designated executives) 60 days after the due date for projects that remain overdue.   

Additional details and the full email text can be viewed on our System Generated Emails page.


  • Changes to roles in Recon@ (Preparer, Examiner, Approver, and Fiscal Officer) must be made in the Integrated System using the responsibility GM_Role Manager.
      For more information, check out the Role Manager Toolkit found on the UHR website.
  • Instructions for Approvers are available
  • Online training materials are available
  • The system maintenance window is Mondays from 7 to 8 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why don't I get a green arrow when I've "checked off" all my expenditure detail items?
    Proper fiscal management includes a review of planned expenses (such as commitments for outstanding purchasing orders and encumbrances for expected salary expenditures). If a budget category does not have any expenditure detail items and only planned expenses you must review the planned expenses tab and check the box in the blue header on this tab. This will take the budget category line to "100%" in the Progress column.

  • Q: Why don’t I see all of my Budget Categories and their subtotals?
    A: The system is designed to show only the Budget Categories that have current month activity (unless there are planned expenses). The totals and subtotals can be seen on the printed version of the Budget Balance Available (BBA).

  • Additional FAQ's

Any questions? Please email us at


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