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  • Changes to roles in Recon@ (Preparer, Examiner, Approver, and Fiscal Officer) must be made in the Integrated System using the responsibility GM_Role Manager.  For more information, check out the Role Manager Toolkit found on the UHR website.


Coming Soon! System Generated Emails


As many of you know, some system emails were not activated at implementation as we worked to stabilize the system. These emails are intended as reminders and notifications of overdue reconciliations.

In their recent annual review, the Auditor of Public Accounts noted that we are not completing and approving reconciliations in a timely manner. We are reviewing the email notification functionality available in the Recon@ system, and expect to expand its use sometime soon.

Monthly reconciliations are a key internal control to promptly detect, correct, and report errors and irregularities.

For more details on system emails, please see our System Generated Emails page.

Available Reports:
We have several reports available to assist with the review of overdue reconciliations. Check out the following reports found in the Reports section of Recon@UVa.

  • Oversight Report
  • Role Assignment Report
  • Delinquent Users Report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why don't I get a green arrow when I've "checked off" all my expenditure detail items?
    Proper fiscal management includes a review of planned expenses (such as commitments for outstanding purchasing orders and encumbrances for expected salary expenditures). If a budget category does not have any expenditure detail items and only planned expenses you must review the planned expenses tab and check the box in the blue header on this tab. This will take the budget category line to "100%" in the Progress column.

  • Q: Why don’t I see all of my Budget Categories and their subtotals?
    A: The system is designed to show only the Budget Categories that have current month activity (unless there are planned expenses). The totals and subtotals can be seen on the printed version of the Budget Balance Available (BBA).

  • Additional FAQ's

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