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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the frequently asked questions and answers for the Recon@UVa system. If you do not see your question addressed please also view our Help Topics for more information.

If you have questions on terminology, please visit the Integrated System Fin/HR Glossary page.

Comments, Outstanding Issues and Reconciling Items

  • Q: What is the difference between a comment, outstanding issue, and a reconciling item?
    A: The differences are outlined below:
    • A comment is similar to a sticky note, or a note you would write in the margin of a report to provide additional information to the reconcilers. It can be entered at a BBA Summary, Budget Category, or Detail level.
    • An outstanding issue is a comment entered at the Detail level indicating that the item needs follow up. The issue remains active until it is resolved and closed.
    • A reconciling item is a dollar value entered at the BBA or Budget Category level to increase or decrease the budget balance available to account for future transactions. A descriptive comment is required to be entered with each value. The reconciling item remains active until it is removed.

  • Q: Why are links not working correctly? Why am I getting a prompt to “save file” when I try to save a comment?
    A: If you are having display issues in Internet Explorer turn off “Compatibility Mode.”

  • Q: I’ve entered a comment, outstanding issue, and/or a reconciling item and the icon changed to a question mark.
    A: The icon will appear when the screen is refreshed. Click the refresh icon to update.

  • Q: I’ve entered a reconciling item and the entered value does not appear.
    A: The value will appear when the screen is refreshed. Click the refresh icon to update.

  • Q: Can I forward a project/award combination for approval if one of the budget categories is 0.00%?
    A: The budget category progress must be equal to 100%.

  • Q: Is the value for a Reconciling Item added or subtracted?
    A: The system subtracts the value in the Reconciling Items column. Enter a future expense or budget reduction without a dash. Enter an expenditure credit or budget increase with a dash.

  • Q: I know the expenditure type for my reconciling item but Recon@UVa wants me to enter an expenditure category. How do I find that?
    A: Go to the Procurement website and complete a search for the expenditure type. The expenditure category will be displayed above the result for the type you searched.

  • Q: I do not see the comment I entered.
    A: Comments are like a “sticky note;” they can be edited or removed.