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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the frequently asked questions and answers for the Recon@UVa system. If you do not see your question addressed please also view our Help Topics for more information.

If you have questions on terminology, please visit the Integrated System Fin/HR Glossary page.


  • Q: What do the icons mean?
    A: Please view this Glossary for details on each icon.

  • Q: What can the "Action" icons help me do?
    A: You should use the "Action" icons to:
    • View detail;
    • Add a comment;
    • Enter a reconciling item;
    • Send forward/backward;
    • Approve;
    • View labor report;
    • Print Budget Balance Available (BBA); and/or
    • Flag outstanding items.

  • Q: How can I keep my NetBadge from timing out?
    A: Users should refresh their screen periodically to ensure their connection is renewed. If you will not be working in the system for a period of time (for instance, an hour or more), it is recommended that you close your internet session and start a new connection when you return to the system.

  • Q: I don’t see all of my Budget Categories, and no totals are displayed.
    The system is designed to show only the Budget Categories that have current month activity (unless there are planned expenses). The totals can be seen on the printed version of the Budget Balance Available (BBA).

  • Q: Why is a budget category displayed if there is no current month activity?
    A: The project has Planned Expenses.

  • Q: I “checked” some of the items in the detail list, but the progress percentage did not change.
    A: The percentage will change when the screen is refreshed. Click the refresh icon to update.

  • Q: The Expenditure Detail list is not sorted by Expenditure Type.
    A: Click any column heading to sort the data in the column.

  • Q: I could not “check all” on the Expenditure Detail By Task tab.
    A: The “check all” tab works only when reviewing details within Budget Category.

  • Q: How do I send the reconciliation forward after I’ve “checked off” all my detail transactions?
    A: Click the green arrow above the grid or return to the Summary page and click the green arrow.

  • Q: Why don't I get a green arrow when I've "checked off" all my expenditure detail items?
    A: Proper fiscal management includes a review of planned expenses (such as commitments for outstanding purchasing orders and encumbrances for expected salary expenditures). If a budget category does not have any expenditure detail items and only planned expenses you must review the planned expenses tab and check the box in the blue header on this tab. This will take the budget category line to "100 %" in the Progress column.

  • Q: How do I close a project that is no longer active?
    A: For non-sponsored projects download the "Request to Close an IS Project" form and the Instructions document for completing the form.

  • Q: For my human subject payments why does the Employee/Vendor/Comment field say that it is redacted?
    A: Users often enter names into that field. In order to support privacy the security office gave Recon@UVa the choice of requiring iKeys for access or redacting the information. There are over 2,000 users of Recon@UVa and many do not often use their iKeys so we chose to redact. The Research Administrator’s group confirmed that most reconciling on human subject payments can be done using the invoice number (provided in Recon@UVa). You can also run a Discoverer report to get the detailed information.