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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the frequently asked questions and answers for the Recon@UVa system. If you do not see your question addressed please also view our Help Topics for more information.

If you have questions on terminology, please visit the Integrated System Fin/HR Glossary page.

Getting Started

  • Q: What is Recon@UVA?
    A: Recon@UVa is a system that provides an electronic solution for the documentation of reconciliations for all organizational units at the University of Virginia (including all academic schools and departments).

  • Q: Am I required to use Recon@UVa?
    A: Yes, use of the system is mandatory.

  • Q: Do I have to print and sign reports?
    A: Recon@UVA captures an electronic signature and date. However, if a PI has assigned an alternate approver, then the PI must sign a printed copy of the BBA report.

  • Q: What is the best way to get immediate help?
    A: Contact the UVa Help Desk for immediate assistance. You might find it helpful to review these FAQ sections and visit the Help Topics pages to see if your question is addressed here.

  • Q: I do not see any projects and awards when I log in. Why not?
    A: In order to see financial information you need to have a Recon@UVa role on the project. In order for the project/award to show up on your Welcome Screen lists it needs to have activity or planned expenses. To request a role assignment contact the Role Manager for your area. Roles are assigned in the Integrated System and passed to Recon@UVa each night.

  • Q: Do I still need to certify projects with no current period activity?
    A: No you do not. Recon@UVa monitors activity for you so you no longer have to certify that there was no activity on an account that is closed or otherwise dormant. If activity should occur on a closed account it will show up in your action items and you must reconcile that activity and resolve any issues. . (Remember that "activity" includes any planned activity, such as open commitments from POs!)