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Role of the Approver


University policy requires that a separate individual (the Approver), who has authority and responsibility for the funds, certifies that the detailed review of each Project, Task and Award (PTA) combination is complete and that the transactions are reasonable and necessary.

This includes the following for each PTA combination:

  1. Login to Recon@UVa to review the work of the Preparer and/or Examiner.
  2. On the Welcome screen click on a number in the "Not Approved" column for any closed month (i.e., any month prior to the current month).
  3. Review and/or update Issues and Comments, as necessary.
  4. Review and/or update Reconciling Items, if appropriate.
  5. Certify and approve PA expenditures (using the "stamp" icon - this step records the Approver's signature and date), or return to the Preparer for rework (using the red left pointing arrow).