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Role of the Examiner


The Examiner role is an optional role provided to give offices maximum flexibility in how they administer and oversee their funds. The native Recon@UVa workflow is the two roles of Preparer and Approver. In this workflow the work routes from Preparer to Examiner to Approver.

Recommended steps:

  1. Login to Recon@UVa and examine the work of the Preparer.
  2. On the Welcome screen click on a number in the "Not Examined" column for any closed month (i.e., any month prior to the current month).
  3. Review and/or update Issues and Comments, as necessary.
  4. Review and/or update Reconciling Items, if appropriate.
  5. Decide whether to "send forward" the PA (project/award) expenditures to the Approver using the "green arrow" icon - this step records the Examiner's signature and date, or return to the Preparer for rework (using the red left pointing arrow).

Special Notes:

  • When the optional Examiner role is used, the system will automatically SEND FORWARD prepared reports after three days to protect the Approver's time to review and approve the expenditure reports.
  • If you hold multiple roles (Preparer, Examiner, Approver) across your projects it is helpful to use the "Reconciler Role" filter on the Summary page to filter down to just the activity you can take action on as an Examiner.