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Role of the Preparer


University policy requires that an individual (the Preparer) perform a detailed reconciliation of each Project, Task and Award (PTA) combination assigned to them. For more details on this, please view the Accounting Services website.

This includes the following for each PTA combination:

  1. Gather and review supporting documentation for expenditure transactions.
  2. Login to Recon@UVa and review each expenditure transaction charged to a PTA combination to ensure accuracy.
  3. Determine that sufficient source documentation exists for each transaction.
  4. Verify there are no unusual or unanticipated charges.
  5. Flag issues and record comments, if appropriate.
  6. Update reconciling items, if appropriate.
  7. Route the work to the next level using the arrow to "send forward" when your work is complete. You will know your work is complete because the send foward arrow will turn green. This step records the Preparer's signature and date.
  8. Follow up on any transaction(s) that remain outstanding for more than one accounting period.

The Preparer should resolve as many accounting errors as possible. Any questions about the appropriateness of particular expenses should be brought to the immediate attention of the Approver for clarification and/or correction. Cost transfers should be initiated as soon as the error is identified. Preparers should take extra care to verify that the expenditure type charged is appropriate and accurately reflects the item or service that is identified in the supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation must be filed by PTA, or in such a manner that allows the documents to be readily retrieved and presented when requested for audit review. These records must be maintained in accordance with the University Record Retention policy.