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Printing a BBA Report

The first step to printing a Budget Balance Available (BBA) report from the Summary Page is to run a search. For more details on running a search, please view our Using the Search Options Help Topic.

Once your search options have been set and you've pressed the "Refresh List" button, you will see the projects that match your criteria on the screen. The right side of the screen will show the available Action icons. Click on the printer icon to the far right of the screen. This will open a second window as a printable version if it is needed for your records.

This printable BBA report includes the fiscal activity, a signature section for both the Preparer and Approver, and then any Comments, Reconciling Items, or Issues that have been noted on the project.

If this project has already been reconciled in Recon@UVa, the signature lines will pre-populate with the Preparer and Approver information. If a PI has assigned an Alternate Approver, the PI must sign a printed copy of this report.

For more information on the available reports, please visit our Reports Page and the Labor Distribution report Help Topics.

General Questions

  • When would I need to use this printable BBA report?
    • A great example of this would be if the Principal Investigator (PI) has assigned an alternate approver. In that situation the alternate will still use Recon@UVa to electronically sign and date the reconciliation, but the PI must sign a printed copy of the BBA report. For more information please view our Alternates FAQ page.

  • How do I print "landscape" if a report comes up as "portrait?"
    • If the report is printing portrait and you want to print it landscape, right-click on the report view and go to “Print Preview.” There is an option button to change to landscape.

  • I'm clicking the printer icon and nothing is happening?
    • If you've already opened a printable report in a second window, that window will refresh each time you request a new report. We recommend that you close that window after each printing so the window will pop-up to the front of your screen when you request a new report.