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Navigating the Summary Page

The Summary page shows all projects assigned to you that have current month activity or planned expenses (commitments).

You can filter the view by Month, Status, Project, Award, Organization, Department, Sponsored/Non-Sponsored Project, Reconciler Role, and Major Budget Unit (MBU). Click here to view a screenshot of the Summary page.

If all Search options are blank, except for the "View As" box, all of your assigned projects will appear.

The Action icons available on this main page include: Open to Details, Enter Comment, Enter Reconciling Item, Send Backward, Send Forward, Labor Distribution, and Print BBA.

Visit the Help Topic on Search Options to view more information performing a search on the Summary page.

Using this Page

Perform a Search

Once you are on the Summary page, enter a value in the Search Options and click "Refresh List." Leave all of the Search options blank to view all of your assigned projects.

View Details

Use the Folder icon to open the details of your project. In this detail section you have two tab options for viewing: Budget Category and Expenditure Detail by Task.

Electronic Signature

Use the Send Forward or Approval Stamp icons to put your electronic signature on the project/award combination as reviewed.

For more information on Electronic Signature, please view our Glossary page.