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Recon@UVa Training

GM Role Manager Toolkit (includes link to training)

Online System Simulation Training for Preparers, Examiners, and Approvers

Click here to enroll in the online training session. Provides modules for both Preparers and Approvers. This online training does not substitute for the required training for Preparers (featured below).


Preparer's Required Training Presentation
Preparer's Required Training Handout "Recon Handbook"
In-House Session Presentation
Icon Glossary
Basic Navigation Training for Approvers Video

Required Training for Preparers: Mastering Account Reconciliations

This training is required for all users with the role of "Preparer."
For Sponsored projects, the Preparer is the individual named as the Fiscal Contact in the Integrated System.

Click here to see the schedule and enroll in a class.

Enrollment is required for these classes by logging in through the Integrated System.
Please use the Enrollment Instructions. You can search on the term "Recon" to find the classes on Learner Home.

In-House Sessions and Workshops

Invite us to do a session In-House with your office by emailing us at