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About Records Management at U.Va.

In Virginia, each state agency is required to designate a records officer to be responsible for the operation of the records management program at that agency. Oversight of records retention and disposition at U.Va. began in 1996 with the designation of a part-time Records Officer reporting to Special Collections, under the University Library. In 2008, after completion of a Process Simplification project, a full-time University Records Officer was hired, reporting to the Chief Information Officer as part of the Information Security, Policy, and Records Office (ISPRO).

What is Records Management?

Records management is the administrative term for the process of:

  1. the maintenance of currently-active, administratively-useful, public records;
  2. the disposition of public records that no longer serve administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical purposes; and
  3. the preservation of those records that have historical value or that must be preserved by law or for other reasons.

Compliance with University Policy and Virginia Law

The University requires all faculty and staff to cooperate with the University Records Officer and adhere to the provisions of the Virginia Public Records Act, the regulations of the Library of Virginia, and University policies concerning public records.

To assist U.Va. offices and departments, Records Management offers the following services:

  • consultations on creating and maintaining efficient record-keeping systems;
  • assistance with and approval of the destruction of public records (RM3 forms);
  • research and development of policies relating to the management, maintenance and retention of records;
  • information and updates on records management issues;
  • maintenance of a mailing list for discussion among records management liaisons;
  • training sessions on all aspects of records management including email, electronic records, and filing/storage solutions.