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  • Tuesday, June 12, 2012
  • Omni Hotel - Downtown Charlottesville

Below you can find links to download the handouts and presentations given at our recent conference. Thank you all for attending! We were at capacity and hope that all had a good time.

Special thanks to the vendors for once again supplying interesting product information, possible solutions to issues we face, and of course, GREAT DOOR PRIZES!

Special thanks to Iron Mountain for helping to provide the conference bag! Enjoy!!

Please send any suggestions for our next conference, tentatively scheduled for June 2013, to

Download Copies of Presentations and Handouts

Presentation by Shirley Payne followed by General Session presentation by Caroline Walters Welcome & Opening Remarks

General Session: Information Security & Records Management: Brian Davis; Director - Information Security, Policy & Access / Caroline Walters; CRM, University Records Officer

Ever wonder why ISPRO (Information Security, Policy and Records Office) can work together?  Well, so have we – actually no – we did wonder for the first six months, but as records management and information security got to know one another, we learned that we had more in common than we thought.  This introduction session will explain the individual goals of each area and highlight our goals in common.


Audit Myths Dispelled: Barbara Deily, Chief Audit Executive

Did you ever wonder why certain departments are selected for audit? Do you worry about what records you might need when the auditors show up on your doorstep? Have you always wondered what the Internal Audit department does and how they might actually benefit you? These questions and more will be answered by your Chief Audit Executive in this session.

Presentation by Caroline Walters

Records Schedules & File Plans: Caroline Walters - CRM, University Records Officer

The Records Management Office will use this session to present a first look at the revised records retention and disposition schedules, and sample file plans for keeping your office compliant and organized.  As an open discussion, we will discuss what we think will help you use the schedules yourselves and take your suggestions for what you want!


Data Protection Standards: Marty Peterman, CISSP, GCFA, GPEN, GCIH, GCWN

Learn about UVa's required standards for handling and protecting all the University's institutional data, whether highly sensitive, moderately sensitive or not sensitive. Following these standards is critical to compliance with the University's policies.

Presentation by Tim Tolson

Cloud Computing, Collaboration Tools, and You at UVa: Tim F. Jost Tolson, Ph.D.

These days it seems like all you hear about is collaboration and the cloud. However, for UVa staff and faculty, there are institutional limitations and real dangers to using external cloud services and collaboration tools for your work, research, and teaching. Come learn about some of the risks, UVa's guidelines, and what questions to ask about cloud computing and collaboration tools.

Presentation by Sherry Lake

Supporting Data Management at the University Library: Sherry Lake, Senior Scientific Data Consultant

The University of Virginia Library’s Scientific Data Consulting (SciDaC) Group has been focused on development and growth of research data services since May 2010. This initiative builds upon years of experience around providing IT and information support for scientific researchers, in partnership with traditional subject librarians. In light of recent funder requirements for data management plans, the SciDaC Group’s core focus is helping researchers improve the way they manage research data.

Presentation by Caroline Walters

Records Storage: Caroline Walters - CRM, University Records Officer / Lori Kressin, Electronic Records Analyst

Get the latest information on paper records vendor storage, guidelines for preparing your records for vendor storage, and a game plan for tackling that clean out of Fontana Food or other storage nightmares.  Lori Kressin and Caroline Walters will share their best practices and a list of helpful contacts for arranging your paper records clean-up.

Presentation by Karen McDowell

Social Networking - Surfin' the Dark Side: Karen McDowell, Ph.D., GCIH

Since almost everyone has a Facebook account, most people know how to use and enjoy at least one social media tool. Like any technology, however, social media has a dark side. Learn how to use social media, while protecting UVa data and your personal identity.

Presentation by Sharon Brooks and Camilla Curnow

Where's My Grant Stuff? Records Management and Retention for Sponsored Programs: From Proposal to Closeout: Sharon Brooks, OSP, Director - Compliance and Outreach / Camilla Curnow, OSP, Compliance Manager

Feeling buried by all the documents generated in managing your sponsored projects? Looking for a “Best Practice” to guide you in organizing your sponsored program files? By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Put into place a best practice for file setup and management of your sponsored project accounts,
  • Access documents more readily when requested from internal and external reviewers,
  • Increase your efficiencies in monthly account reconciliations,
  • List resources to assist you in document management/retention decisions
  • Answer questions you might receive on document retention requirements for sponsored programs
Presentation by Jessica Humphreys and Ruta Vasiukevicius

Electronic Records Management Best Practices Panel: Ruta Vasiukevicius, Facilities Management /Jessica Humphreys, Housing & Residence Life / Lori Kressin (Moderator)

Have you ever wanted to tackle cleaning up that shared drive or even your home directory?  Not sure how to organize your electronic information for your department to share?  Well learn from your colleagues:  Ruta Vasiukevicius, Facilities Management and Jessica Humphreys, Housing & Residence Life, will talk about their experiences in tackling electronic records management in their departments.  Both have taken on and made great strides in trying to control all those electronic files on private and shared space.

Presentation by Mike Gibbons


General Session: Challenges In Data Protection: J. Michael Gibbons