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  • Tuesday, June 25, 2013
  • Omni Hotel - Downtown Charlottesville

Congratulations to the 2013 ISPRO Award Winners!

More information regarding the contributions made by these individuals and departments can be found in the presentation linked below.

  • Significant Security Contribution: Chris Prue / Director of ExecTech / Madison Hall
  • Significant Records Management Contribution - Individual: Sharon Hiner / Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics
  • Significant Records Management Contribution - Department: School of Continuing and Professional Studies (John Payne, Victoria Savoy, Bob Hutchison & Brook Raven)
  • Honorable Mention: VP & CFO Office (Gary Nimax, Nancy Eagle & Steve Sherman)
  • Special "Thank You": UVa Recycling (Sonny Beale, Victor Martin & crew)

Links to Conference Presentations:

Welcome & Opening Remarks: Virginia Evans; Associate Vice President for Central IT
Presentation by Shirley Payne, Brian Davis, and Caroline Walters General Session: Information Security, Policy, & Records - An Update: Shirley Payne; Assistant Vice President - Information Security, Policy, and Records Office / Brian Davis; Director - Information Security, Policy & Access / Caroline Walters; CRM, University Records Officer
Breakout Sessions (A)
Presentation by Tim Tolson Cloud Computing, Collaboration Tools, and You at UVa: Tim F. Jost Tolson

By the time of this talk, ITS will have rolled out its new BOX cloud service. So let's talk about what data to keep in the cloud and how to keep you head out of the clouds when you're storing data and files there. There's lots of good uses for this new storage service and there are institutional limitations and real dangers to using any cloud service or collaboration tool for your work, research, and teaching. Come learn about some of the risks, UVa's guidelines, and what questions to ask about cloud computing, collaboration tools, and click-thru licenses.
Presentation by Karen McDowell Anatomy of a Hack: Karen McDowell

No doubt you’ve heard about a hacking incident in the past six months. It’s also highly likely you hear more about hacking now than you did even a year ago. What’s going on? How do hackers break into our computers, and why? Hackers take definite steps, so we can learn to stop at least some of them in the early stages, a good thing to do to protect your identity, as well as personal and institutional data.
  URMA: Powered by Infolinx: Caroline Walters & Lori Kressin

The University Records Management Application is getting a huge upgrade. Powered by Infolinx, an enterprise class records management system, URMA will be the answer to keeping track of your records, using storage vendor services contracted with the University, and will finally take the Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3) form electronic. This will be your first peek at the new system as Caroline and Lori will walk through some of the basic operations and discuss the time-line for the roll-out to the University.
Breakout Sessions (B)
Presentation by Kirk Vandebrooke & Rachel Sligar Document Imaging: Bring Sanity & Structure to UVa Organizations: Kirk Vandebrooke & Rachel Sligar

Document imaging has brought operational efficiencies and improved overall student, faculty and staff experiences at UVa. Hear how document and workflow management solutions have saved time and money by allowing better access to student, faculty and staff documents.
Presentation by Brian Davis Data Policies – You Want To Do What? An Information Policy Review & Discussion: Brian Davis

Collect helpful hints, tips and ideas for better compliance with the University’s information policies and standards, including security, data protection, records management, and other best practices. Get a heads-up on updated policies and standards and those in discussion.
Presentation by Caroline Walters Physical Records Storage Vendors: Caroline Walters

With the approval of the updated UVa Records Management Policy and the release of the Institutional Physical Records Storage Standards, the Records Management Office has signed agreements with several records storage vendors that will reduce your costs, work and headaches in managing your physical records. This session will review the storage standards and then each of the vendors will have an opportunity to discuss their services, pricing, and why you should pick them to provide your records storage services.
Breakout Sessions (C)
Presentation by Jer Kong Consumerization In the Business World: Jer Kong

We've all seen how fast technology has developed. We're all victims of consumerization, the sheer force that Apple Inc. has on the consumer electronics area. Every year, the consumer electronics manufacturers must put out a new updated version of their device. This session topic will focus on how we are becoming more dependent on our mobile devices, and the dangers associated with this strategy. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is also more common in the workplace. This dangerous combination of BYOD and consumerization poses questions whether new security protocols are required. I believe that we are making the same deadly mistakes that we were making ten years ago. Come find out why we need to secure the human, first and foremost.

Presentations by Caroline Walters Clean-up & Clean-out - A Plan!: Caroline Walters

Do you need help figuring out how to clean-up your records storage? Having a hard time finding information you need? Want to move your paper records storage to vendor storage, but have a mess on your hands? Caroline Walters, University Records Officer, will provide some easy to use plans for cleaning up both your physical records storage as well as your electronic records storage. In this overview of planning and implementing better organization, you will receive a game plan for tackling the clean-outs and clean-ups you need to do that won’t totally overwhelm you.
  . . . but why can’t I? A review of the legal issues in the use technology and records: Madelyn Wessel

The University puts limits on what you can do online or where you can store information, which can sometimes slow you down. This session will cover the reasons why it’s important to be a smart user of technology, and why you should manage your records. Learn about the Freedom of Information Act, e-discovery issues and University policies on End-user license agreements (EULAs) and copyright.
General Session: Edward P. Gibson, Esq., CISSP, FBCS
Presentation of Awards ISPRO Awards