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UVA Records Management Day - Thursday, November 21st

The Records Management Office once again will be hosting the annual "UVa Records Management Day"!


ON-SITE PAPER SHREDDING - Carruthers Hall Visitor Parking Lot: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

You can bring records that are ready for destruction along with your completed RM3 Certificate of Records Destruction form. If you don't have an RM3 form, you're still welcome to bring your boxes of paper records or electronic media you want to destroy. We will have RM3 forms you can fill out right there and then!

More information about completing an RM3 Certificate of Records Destruction


We will have a pick-up service if you are unable to get your records to the shredding site. Send email to for more information and to get on the schedule! You will need to provide help in loading and unloading the boxes into the van/truck and someone will need to ride along to the shredding location.


We will also be accepting removable electronic media like cds, diskettes, back-up tapes, video and audio tapes, etc. for destruction and recycling through UVa Recycling.


Before your records can be shredding, there is some prep work that needs to be done. Please follow the guidelines below. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at

  • Remove all binder clips and extra large paper clips (regular paper clips and staples are OK)
  • Remove all paper from 3-ring binders, plastic binders, heavy card stock binders, and hanging file folders
  • All plastics must be removed
  • Make sure there are no CDs or floppy disks tuck in with your paper
  • Heavy weight brochures, promotional flyers, books and pamphlets will not go through the shredder. These need to be recycled through UVa Recycling.
  • Rubber bands, manila file folders, manila envelopes are all OK.

Please help to spread the word! 

If you have other questions, please contact the University Records Office by email at or call Caroline Walters (434) 243-9162 or Lori Kressin (434)243-7624.

Hope to see you on Thursday, Nov. 21st.

What do I need to do to get ready???

What can I bring to RM Day?

Bring all records which have met retention in accordance with the VA Public Records Act. Checkout the schedules or email the Records Management Office to learn about the proper retention.

What do I need to destroy records that have met retention?

You will need a completed RM3 form (Certificate of Records Destruction). If you have questions contact the Records Management Office at least two days before the event for assistance. We will review and sign off on Certificates on site.

Can I bring old diskettes, CDs and other removable electronic media to destroy?

Yes, UVA Recycling will have a bin to securely recycle the media. If there are official UVA records on the media, you will need to complete a RM3 form and bring that for approval as well.

What do I do with old computers that are no longer needed?

Computers and other types of electronic equipment can be surplused through Creative Recycling Services, arranged through the UVa Surplus Property site.

I don't have any records ready for destruction, but can I still come out to the site?

Yes, please come meet us. You can talk about your records issues, hear about UVA recycling services and information security issues, get something to eat, register for a prize and have some fun!

What do I have to do with my paper records before shredding?

You may leave staples and paperclips, but please remove them from 3-ring binders, remove any large binder clips, notebooks, and hanging file folders. Bring your records in boxes or bins to be destroyed.

What should I do with all the binder clips, 3-ring binders, file cabinets and other office supplies that I have left over?

Contact UVa Recycling and they may be able to use these items in the ROSE Program. In any event, they will guide and help you in removing them from your area. If you have file cabinets or other furniture items that are longer needed, contact UVa Surplus Property to arrange a pickup.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Call or email the Records Management Office ( or 3-9162).