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Records Administrators and Records Coordinators

Each department or business unit at the University of Virginia should identify at least one Records Administrator and at least one Records Coordinator. Small departments with limited staff should at minimum have a Records Administrator.  Larger departments are strongly encouraged to have more than one person in each role.

These roles are required to use the University Records Management Application (URMA) to manage University records, for the completion of the "Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3)", and to help departments formalize their records management processes.  Each individual may only have one role in the URMA system.

Records Coordinators and Records Administrators work frequently with departmental records and are main contacts for questions related to departmental records. Individuals in either role should:

  • Be familiar with university policies regarding the protection, security and retention of university records
  • Attend records management training
  • Maintain an inventory of departmental records stored on-site or off-site
  • Review department records for destruction and/or transfer in accordance with Records Retention and Disposition Schedules, completing the "Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3)" for approvals
  • Answers questions and provides information to departmental/unit staff on proper records management

It is recommended that a Records Administrator hold a position of  authority within the department such as department administrator, Director, or Supervisor. Records Administrators have additional duties, including:

  • Ensuring that the department adheres to all state and University policies regarding protection, security and retention of University records
  • An understanding that University records are public records and exists in all formats and media
  • Authority to remove records from the department - either by destruction or transfer to another entity
  • Designating Records Coordinators for the department
  • Authorization of the destruction of records via the “Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3)” by acting as the approving official (signature on Line 10) or via the URMA system.

Below are suggested “Competencies” that could be included on a Performance Plan for Records Coordinators and/or Records Administrators.  Deciding which competencies to include should be based on your position within your department and in agreement with your supervisor.

  • Communicates Effectively
  • Facilitates Change
  • Gains Commitment
  • Individual Efficiency
  • Manages Information
  • Plans and Organizes
  • Quality Focus