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Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

The following schedules are approved by the Library of Virginia and can be viewed in PDF format at the links below or you can use the searchable database provided by the Library of Virginia. If you have questions about what records series to use for your records, please contact the University Records Management Office at or call 434-243-9162.

Approved Schedules in PDF format:

  • GS-101, Administrative Records (June 2012)
  • GS-102, Fiscal Records (August 2012)
  • GS-103, Personnel Records (August 2012)
  • GS-104, Mailroom Records (March 2001)
  • GS-105, Motor Vehicle Records (Apil 2001)
  • GS-106, General Services Records (Sept 2000)
  • GS-107, Food Service Records (May 2001)
  • GS-108, Fire, Safety and Security Records (Dec 2013)
  • GS-109, Library and Museum Records (August 2001)
  • GS-111, College and University Records (Dec 2013)
  • GS-113, Information Technology Records (March 2009)
  • GS-117, Law Enforcement (Dec 2013)
  • GS-120, Health Records (May 2011)

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