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Preparing Your Records For Vendor Storage

When preparing to move records to approved vendor storage, it is strongly suggested that an appropriate amount of time be allocated and sufficient personnel be assigned to sort through and assure that only those records that have not met retention are sent to these locations. This takes time and the involvement of the record custodians. Please plan accordingly!

  • Remember that you are paying for storage at a "per box" rate
  • Do not store records that have already met retention and are already eligible for destruction. For these records, complete an RM3, obtain appropriate signatures and contact UVa Recycling to dispose of them confidentially or hire a shredding service at your department's expense.
  • Each box must be inventoried in URMA*, and a "pick list" must be created. If your boxes are not currently in URMA, complete the "Storage Inventory Spreadsheet" listing all the records ready to be transfered to vendor storage and forward this file to the Records Management Office. Arrangements will be made by the Records Management Office with the vendor of your choice for the pick-up of your records.
  • Each box must be labeled on its end panel. The label should be either printed from URMA or handwritten using one of the label templates found in the Forms page.
  • Store your records according to records series with common destruction dates - the contents of each box should have the same destruction date. If you have a partial box, you can mix destruction dates to fill the box. The box will be destroyed using the latest date and mark this date on the label.
  • To store the most records per box, remove records from binders or other containers. You can maintain separation of binder contents by inserting a colored page between binder groups and also leaving the tabs within the records.
  • Remove all metals, plastics, electronic media, cassette tapes, video tapes, etc. If the vendor is required to sort through your boxes to discard non-paper items during the destruction process, you may be charged an additional fee.
  • It is highly advisable that you maintain a content inventory for each box. It will make things much easier if you need to pull a record from a box in the future.
  • Do NOT tape the box closed
  • Make sure to use a "standard records storage box" - 10" x 15" x 12" - with a removable lid that has at minimum a 2" overlap. Boxes other than this standard will not be accepted for transfer to vendor storage.
  • Storage boxes should be ordered directly from The Supply Room Companies.

For more information, contact the University Records Management Office.