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Preparing Your Records For UVa Recycling

An appropriate amount of time must be allocated and sufficient personnel be assigned to sort through and assure records that have met retention in compliance with the Virginia Public Records Act are identified. This takes time and the involvement of the record custodians. Please plan accordingly!

UVa Recycling is a FREE service available through the recycling program sponsored by the Facilities Management Department. They also sponsor the Reusable Office Supply Program (R.O.S.E.), an outreach program in which gently or never used office supplies are collected from departments throughout UVa and made available to anyone within the UVa community who can use them.

REMEMBER: Before you can destroy records that have met retention, a "Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3)" form must be completed and signatures obtained.

Prepare those records that have not met retention to be moved to appropriate storage.

If you are purging a large number of records that have met retention , UVa Recycling can provide large recycling bins. Please call them at (434) 982-5050 to arrange for delivery and pick-up of these bins. They can also take electronic media such as CD/DVDs, diskettes, and tapes among other items. Please keep in mind, however, that any electronic meda licensed to the University or containing confidential or sensitive information must be destroyed first (broken, shredded, etc). If you do not need large recycling bin, place the documents in boxes for UVa Recycling to pick up.

Utilizing UVa Recycling to dispose of University records is considered "confidential destruction" by UVa Audit and is free of charge to University entities. It also assures that records are kept out of the trash - trash is considered "discarded materials" and can be rifled through by anyone without breaking the law. The other big upside of keeping records out of the trash is that they are then kept out of the landfill. UVa Recycling sells recyclables to recyclers and uses those funds to offset their operating costs. It is critical that items be sorted so the highest dollar can be obtained.

  • Contact UVa Recycling, explain your project, and ask to have bins/tubs brought to your location.
  • You will need to sort through your records, removing all plastics, binder clips, metal fasteners, electronic media, etc.
  • Rubber bands, paper clips, and staples are OK.
  • Remove all paper from 3-ring binders, plastic binders, heavy card stock binders, and hanging file folders.
  • Generally there will be separate containers for
    • White Office Paper
    • Mixed Paper
    • Heavy weight brochures, promotional flyers, books and pamphlets
    • Metals and plastics
    • Binders
    • Hanging file folders

Remember, the person handling the destruction must sign on Line 12 of the RM3 form. When using UVA Recycling, please have them sign on Line 12 when they pick up the records. After destruction, the form, with original signatures, must be sent to the Records Management Office (PO Box 400898). The Records Management Office will submit the final form to the Library of Virginia in accordance with the Virginia Public Records Act. If you received an email approval to destroy, you will receive a scan of the final RM3 form via email for your records. The University Records Management Office is the official record keeper for all Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3) Forms. All copies in departments and offices are reference/convenience copies and can be destroyed without approval and at will.

For more information, contact the University Records Management Office.