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What is URMA?

The University Records Management Application is a web-based tool designed to assist departments in maintaining an inventory of their physical and electronic records. In addition, it provides the following:

  • Ties records to the responsible organization/department not to individuals
  • Calculates the disposition dates automatically based on an incorporated Records Retention and Disposition Schedule
  • Provides a mechanism to easily transfer the storage of physical records to approved storage locations
  • Streamlines the "Certificate of Records Destruction" process required by the Virginia Public Records Act

What do I need to do to get started?

  • Attend one of the "Records Management for . . ." classes or if you have not taken a class in the last 12 months, a "Records Management Refresher" course. The current list of classes along with links for registration are found on the Training Page.
  • Begin a discussion in your department regarding who will have URMA accounts, how the departmental records will be managed, and identify Records Administrators and Records Coordinators
  • Use the Supervisor Authorization Form to obtain your supervisor's authorization for the role you will be assigned and the organizations within your department where you have records management responsibilities
  • Attend an URMA training class. The current list of classes along with links for registration are found on the Training Page
  • Download and review "Before You Come To Class" for more information

I've taken the class, now what do I do?

  • Download the current version of URMA documentation to refresh your memory of the steps discussed in class
  • Access the URMA application: [] You can also click on the "Use URMA" navigation link in the list on the left side of this page.
  • If you had records in the "old" version of URMA, be sure to check and make sure they are included and correct in "new" URMA. If you have questions regarding your legacy data contact us at


  • If you have questions, send them to
  • We welcome your comments and suggestions! Please use the URMA Feedback Form to make sure we get your ideas!
  • Come back to this site often. Quick tips and additional documentation will be added over the next few months!