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The Fall and Summer 2017 schedule of classes (class search) will be available for viewing on March 10th.
Students will be able to view their Fall and Summer 2017 enrollment times, and add courses to their shopping cart beginning on March 17th.

UREG: U.Va. Registrar's Office University Registrat at U.Va.

Course Action Form

After completion, please submit form to your school of enrollment to be processed.

Name (last, first): University I.D. Number:

Local/Cell Phone: - E-mail Address:

Your School: Semester:

Action Requested: Add Drop Change of Data

Reason for needing action:
Course restricted
Permission of instructor required
Missed Deadline
Course full
Waiver of maximum/minimum credits
Other: _________________________

Instructor Signature (required)

Dean or Dept. Chair Signature (if required by school)

Not Required for Architecture, College of A&S, and Commerce Students

The Course Action Form is to be used only to make changes in your schedule that cannot be made by using SIS.

Use a separate form for each course; the second line can be used for a dependent discussion section of lab connected with the primary course.

Class Number
Subject Area Course # (4-digits) Class Section Course Title Var. Credits Grade Option
CR/NC | Audit | Grade

With these changes, I will be enrolled for credits. Approval to go above the maximum or below the minimum allowed by my school requires the approval of the dean's office.

Var. Credit - number of credits requested for variable credit/no credit

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