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Course Action Form

After completion, please submit form to your school of enrollment to be processed.

Name (last, first): University I.D. Number:

Local/Cell Phone: - E-mail Address:

Your School: Semester:

Action Requested: Add Drop Change of Data

Reason for needing action:
Course restricted
Permission of instructor required
Missed Deadline
Course full
Waiver of maximum/minimum credits
Other: _________________________

Instructor Signature (required)

Dean or Dept. Chair Signature (if required by school)

Not Required for Architecture, College of A&S, and Commerce Students

The Course Action Form is to be used only to make changes in your schedule that cannot be made by using SIS.

Use a separate form for each course; the second line can be used for a dependent discussion section of lab connected with the primary course.

Class Number
Subject Area Course # (4-digits) Class Section Course Title Var. Credits Grade Option
CR/NC | Audit | Grade

With these changes, I will be enrolled for credits. Approval to go above the maximum or below the minimum allowed by my school requires the approval of the dean's office.

Var. Credit - number of credits requested for variable credit/no credit

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