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The McIntire School of Commerce has achieved a national reputation in business education and has been cited as one of the top business schools in the country. Founded in 1921 under the guise of the Wilson School of Economics, the name was changed after a substantial donation was made by Paul G. McIntire. A native of Charlottesville and successful businessman, Mr. McIntire attended the University of Virginia for one term before venturing to Chicago and New York to pursue his fortune in the business world. Mr. McIntire felt the purpose of the school should be to provide training for a career in business, affording young people the vast opportunities of the business life.

The McIntire School of Commerce has grown immensely over the years, housing the undergraduate business school and two graduate programs: accounting and management information systems.

At the graduate level, students participate in these innovative degree programs, combining the managerial perspective of an M. B. A. with a sharply defined professional and technical focus. To be successful at McIntire, graduate students must maintain an intellectual enthusiasm for their program of choice. They must have the desire not only to master their field, but to apply that mastery. Our programs are for people who are both drawn to, and envision being leaders in, these fields because of the opportunities they offer to make a difference in the world of business.

The Master of Science programs are demanding and rigorous. Faculty and staff work very hard in their effort to prepare students for leadership positions and to ensure that the results are well worth the effort.

The faculty consult continually with their colleagues in the business world, watching the trends and technologies and bringing those aspects to the classroom. Classroom training is supported by the latest in instructional technology, as well as the school's extensive computer resources. McIntire offers a specialized business education on the cutting edge. Yet, the most distinguishing feature of the graduate programs is
the close, lasting relationships between students and faculty. These relationships are in keeping with Thomas Jefferson's original concept of the University. Jefferson felt that the immediate exchange of ideas represented the most effective way to transmit knowledge to the rising generation of leaders. Excellence in teaching is the rule at McIntire.

Graduates depart Monroe Hall as professionals with a strong foundation in their chosen field, the ability to add immediate value to an organization, and an appreciation of the role their profession carries in a rapidly changing world.

Admission and Program Information

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Additional questions should be addressed to:
Graduate School of Commerce
204 Monroe Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 924-3571

Ernst &Young Accounting Program

The Graduate School of Commerce, in partnership with Ernst & Young, LLP, offers a unique, customized accounting program for students who want to earn their master's degree while working for Ernst & Young. Applicants are recruited for the program by Ernst & Young. Upon admission by the McIntire School's admissions committee, students also become employees of Ernst & Young. For additional information, please visit the Ernst & Young website at




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