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Appeals from Students in the College *

Students may appeal negative decisions about enrollment, grades, or general academic policies in the College according to the procedures which follow. It is understood that only students may submit appeals.

Adds, Drops and Course Enrollment Deadlines  Students who wish to appeal penalties attached to missed deadlines must see their association deans. Further appeals go to the associate dean for undergraduate studies, Garrett Hall 213.

Grading and Classroom Issues Students who wish to appeal a grade must first attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor of the course. Absent a satisfactory outcome, the student consults with the chair of the department. If this path proves unsuccessful in the resolution of the matter, the student writes to the associate dean of the College for academic programs (Garrett Hall 202).

College Policies and Rules  Students whose petitions for exemption from College rules have been denied by the association deans may appeal to the Committee on Faculty Rules (c/o associate dean for academic programs, Garrett Hall 202). The committee consists of faculty members who are not association deans. If the negative decision is upheld by the Committee on Faculty Rules, the student's route of appeal is to the associate dean for academic programs (Garrett Hall 202). The associate dean for academic programs, who is in the line of appeals, does not vote in the periodic meetings held by the association deans to address the academic standing of students in the College.

Academic Information *
The curriculum applies to all incoming first-year students who registered for the fall of 1994 or subsequent semesters. Students who entered prior to 1994 and now resume their undergraduate education are subject either to the curriculum in place when they matriculated or the current one. The dean of the College determines the year level of all new transfer students and informs them before matriculation.

Intra-University Transfers
 Intra-University transfer into the College is not automatic. Information , a worksheet, and an online application are available at The Dean of the College re-evaluates the AP and prior transfer credits from other institutions of intra-University transfers. See the web site for the deadline for submitting applications.
Lists of courses meeting the second writing requirement, historical studies, and non-Western studies requirements are available in Garrett Hall, the annually revised College of Arts and Sciences Student Handbook, and other advising information distributed by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Students are encouraged to refer to the College’s website for current and accurate information about academic policies in the College:

Transfer back to the College Students who have transferred from the College to another school at the University but wish to reverse the process and return to the College in the same semester, before beginning classes in the other school, must apply to transfer by the Friday after final registration or the second Friday of the semester. The application is available in Garrett 102. A student who completes one or more semesters in another school of the University and then wishes to return to the College must apply as an Intra-University Transfer. See above.


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