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Degree Programs

The University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science offers programs leading to the degree of Master of Science and Master of Engineering, as well as Master degrees in several areas of applied science, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The Schoolís 11 curricula are: applied mathematics; applied mechanics; biomedical engineering; chemical engineering; civil engineering; computer science; electrical engineering; engineering physics; materials science and engineering; mechanical and aerospace engineering; and systems engineering.

The range of studies available within the school is designed to satisfy a variety of objectives. Specific courses leading to a degree are not prescribed; instead, each student prepares an individual program, with the help of a faculty advisor, tailored to particular needs and goals and then submits it for faculty approval.

Two types of masterís degrees are available. Strong emphasis is placed on research for the Master of Science degree. The focal point of the M.S. is a thesis describing research accomplished in close cooperation with the studentís faculty advisor. The degrees of Master of Engineering and Master of Applied Science do not require a thesis and are professionally oriented.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree is regarded by many as a symbol that its bearer has achieved an in-depth understanding of a segment of human knowledge and has contributed significantly to that knowledge. The Ph.D. requires a program of advanced study in courses and research, satisfactory completion of comprehensive examinations, and submission of a dissertation based on independent, original research.

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