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Darden Student Life


The Darden Student Association The Darden Student Association is the student government organization that includes an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is comprised of representatives from the First and Second Year classes and works with Darden faculty and administration - as well as with University of Virginia entities - to bring attention to student issues and concerns.

The Black Business Student Forum is a group of students devoted to developing an awareness of, and sensitivity to, issues of concern to black business managers.

The Cold Call Chronicle is a student newspaper serving The Darden School community.

The Consulting Club, Entrepreneurs Club, Finance Club, Health Care Leadership Club, Marketing Club, Operations Club, Real Estate Club, Sports and Entertainment Management Club, Students for Responsible Business, and the Technology Club are groups of Darden School students who share an interest in those areas of business. Current issues and career opportunities are examined by sponsoring speakers, panel discussions, and other club functions.

Gays, Lesbians, and Friends at Darden provides gay and lesbian members of the Darden community (including alumni) the opportunity to meet and share their experiences. The network also provides a forum for the discussion of gay and lesbian concerns as they relate to The Darden School, the University, and the business world.

The Darden Partners Association organizes activities for partners in the Darden community, sponsors an orientation, and coordinates and contributes funds to social events.

The Graduate Women in Business at Darden (GWIB@Darden) is an organization that promotes the role of professional women at Darden and after business school by providing opportunities for women to express their roles in today's society and by establishing alumnae networks that last a lifetime. GWIB@Darden provides a forum to discuss the issues and challenges women face in their careers and offers activities that build awareness of women in leadership positions. The group offers various services, including mentoring and tutoring, and some of the formal activities include the GWIB Charity Auction for the Shelter for Help and Emergencyand networking dinners.

The International Business Society organizes activities and speakers on current issues and career opportunities for students interested in international business careers.

Service Organizations


Opportunity Consultants, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation of students in The Darden School assisting small businesses and non-profits in solving current management problems. These problems range from starting a new business or setting up an accounting system to marketing-program analysis. Through OCI, students are given an opportunity for practical application of skills and techniques learned in the classroom while fulfilling a pressing need for social and economic responsibility.

Darden Outreach The Darden Student Association initiated Darden Outreach, an organization committed to taking the good will of the Darden community to the Charlottesville area.

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