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General Requirements

Transfer of Credit The Graduate School of Commerce requires students to complete 30 credit hours of graduate level work in-residence. Because of the cohort, lock-step format of the programs, transfer credit is not given.

Enrollment Requirements Students must carry a minimum of 9 credit hours to be considered a full time student at the University of Virginia. Departmental program policies may vary as to the minimum semester credit hour requirements within each program.

Grading Policy See individual programs.

Grade Changes After it has been submitted to the Office of the University Registrar, no grade may be changed without the approval of the dean. The dean is not authorized by the faculty to change a grade submitted to the Office of the University Registrar except when an instructor certifies that, because of errors in calculation or transcription, an incorrect grade has been submitted.

McIntire students who wish to appeal a grade must first attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor of the course. The appeal must be in writing and filed within thirty days of the first class day of the following semester. Absent a satisfactory outcome, the student should submit a written appeal to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, who reviews the matter and consults with the Graduate Program Committee. The final level of appeal is to the Dean of the McIntire School of Commerce.

Incomplete Policy An IN is recorded when reasons known to the professor are judged adequate to justify an extension of time to complete course requirements. An IN may not be used to allow a student to attempt to raise a grade at the end of the term. The time to change the IN to a grade is determined between the student and the instructor, but may not exceed beyond one semester in which the class was taken. Students must enter into a written agreement specifying the remaining requirements and agreed-upon time line. If the agreed time for completion has passed and the student has not met the agreement, the grade automatically becomes an F unless changed by the instructor.

Program Attendance Given the intensive and cumulative nature of the program, students are required to attend all scheduled class meetings. In addition, students are expected to clearly communicate program commitments to all relevant parties (i.e., both family and work relationships). In the event that a student cannot be present for any part of the program, or falls behind for any reason, it is the responsibility of the student to make up the work in a manner that is approved by the faculty. Absence from more than 20% of any course will automatically result in an evaluation of non-performance ("F").

Leave of Absence Requests for a leave of absence should be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and cannot exceed one calendar year. Please note that due to the lockstep, cohort nature of McIntire's graduate programs, permission to take a leave of absence is granted only in rare circumstances.

Withdrawals and Refund Policy
Students may withdraw from any program in the Graduate School of Commerce upon the following conditions:

  1. Withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.
  2. The withdrawal becomes effective the date it is received.


  1. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.
  2. The date of the postmark, fax or in-person written request determines the amount of any refund.
  3. Refunds are calculated according to the following conditions:

    • If the student withdraws before the first class meeting, a full tuition refund, less a $12.00 processing fee, is granted. If the student has paid for materials, that fee is not refunded.
    • For courses of 10 or more sessions, 80% of the tuition is refunded if the student withdraws between the first and second class meetings. A refund of 60% of the tuition is granted for withdrawal between the second and third class meetings. No refunds are awarded after the third class meeting.
    • For courses of three to nine sessions, 80% of the tuition is refunded if the student withdraws between the first and second class meeting. No refunds are granted after the second meeting.
    • For courses of one or two sessions, no refund is available after the course begins.
    • All departmental scholarship and fellowship allocations are rescinded upon a student's withdrawal.

The University bursar in Charlottesville issues refund checks, if applicable. Allow four to six weeks for processing refund payments. Please direct inquiries to the Graduate Programs Office.

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