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Course Descriptions

Certificate Program in Information Technology

The Information Technology Certificate (ITC) provides essential training for liberal arts graduates, career changers, and other professionals looking to enter and succeed in the field of information systems. Developed by industry leaders, this nineteen credit hour program introduces the concepts, terminology, business processes, and computer applications that staff at all organizational levels must understand to effectively interact in a high- tech environment. This accelerated program will produce entry-level staff and mid-level managers capable of operating in the areas of systems analysis, information architecture, web design and development, technical sales and marketing, quality assurance, client liaison and customer service, technical writing, and administration. The program is offered at the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads centers. Contact either of these centers for admission, transfer, and certificate completion information.

Required Courses (6): IT 320, IT 322, IT 323, IT 324, IT 325 and IT 326

Electives (1): IT 321 or IT 327

Course Descriptions


IT 320 - (3)
Introduction to Information Technology

Explores the fundamental concepts, theory, and technology involved in information systems. Topics include client/server technology, computer organizations, operating systems, basic programming concepts, and Internet technologies.

IT 321 - (3)
Programming with Java

Studies key structures, concepts, and applications needed to write programs with Java, an object-oriented programming language used for developing user interfaces on the Web.

IT 322 - (3)
Information Technology Business Operations

Sharpens finance, marketing, and management skills. Training focuses on developing the expertise to operate in today’s technology-enhanced and technology-dependent business environment.

IT 323 - (3)
Basics of Web Design

Master the basics of Web site construction, design, and maintenance. The course provides an overview of aesthetic, business, and technical Web concepts. Apply course content to developing Web applications using HTML.

IT 324 - (3)
Systems Analysis and Design

Students learn how to assess user requirements, system development life cycles, data flow diagrams, business process modeling, software design techniques, object oriented analysis and design concepts, quality assurance, and software testing.

IT 325 - (3)
User Requirements and Quality Assurance

Develops the skills needed to understand user requirements, meet customer needs, and ensure client satisfaction. Emphasizes the importance of quality assurance through instruction and class exercises.

IT 326 - (1)
Project Management

Prerequisites: Completion of all required coursework.
Participants learn how to apply the basic concepts of project management, project planning and control techniques, and the importance of interpersonal relations in a dynamic project environment. Also emphasizes the application of project management techniques to practical situations.

IT 327 - (3)
Introduction to Programming Concepts

An introductory course in programming that provides the necessary stepping stones for more advanced computer programming. Introduces the basic concepts of programming, enabling students to develop fundamental skills in translating business problems into programming solutions. This course follows the object-oriented emphasis of Java.


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