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Course Descriptions

Certificate Program in Web Content Management

The University of Virginia’s Web Content Development Certificate focuses on the skills needed to write, develop, and manage content for the Web. Created in collaboration with industry leaders, this 15-credit, undergraduate-level program is designed for liberal arts graduates, career changers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds who currently work in the fields of advertising, public relations, communications, and marketing as well as electronic and print publications.

Required Courses (6): IT 330, IT 331, IT 332, IT 333 and IT 334

Course Descriptions


IT 330 - (3)
Introduction to Web Content Development

Explore the life cycle of Web content from the first stages of design and development through posting and end-user access. Find out where to obtain content, how to keep it organized, and the keys to keeping content dynamic.

IT 331 - (3)
Web Site Design and Development

Study best practices in creating Web sites that work. Students develop a Web site in class using HTML code, graphics, and text editors. Instruction covers site navigation and architecture, creating templates, site analysis, server loading, site maintenance, and security and legal issues. Students work in teams to complete Web site with an actual client.

IT 332 - (3)
Advanced Web Technologies

Survey emerging technologies and the tools available for Web professionals. Students are exposed to the latest software in order to gain an understanding of what tools work best to solve problems and meet goals.

IT 333 - (3)
Writing for the Web

Learn how to create original content, organize writing, edit copy, and integrate outside content into your site. Emphasis is given to writing for search engines, writing links, preparing titles and headers, and crafting promotional writing.

IT 334 - (3)
Fundamentals of E-Business and Web Marketing

Study how business is conducted online with a review of e-commerce terminology and industry practices. Concentration is given to sharpening Web marketing skills and developing strategies to reach your intended audience. Students apply case studies to developing a marketing plan. This course culminates with a Web site and portfolio presentation for review by the instructor, industry professionals, and fellow students.


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