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Admission Information

Admission Procedure

Application for admission must be made upon forms available either at or from the Graduate School Office. On-line applications are preferred as paper copies take considerably longer to process. The application must be supported by official transcripts of the applicant’s entire academic record, including records of any advanced work which may have been done in another institution. Official results of the Graduate Record Examination (General Test and for most departments one Subject Test), and two letters of recommendation from professors, preferably those who taught in the field of the major subject, are required in further support of the application. It is recommended that all parts of the application be submitted under one cover (envelope) to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 437 Cabell Hall, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 400775, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4775.

The non-refundable application fee of $40 is payable at the time of application. Since the application fee is non-refundable, applicants are urged to read carefully the admission requirements before submitting an application.

Since most decisions for admission are made by April 15, applicants are urged to submit their materials early for adequate consideration. Deadlines for individual departments vary: please see for further information. In order to be considered for a Jefferson Graduate Fellowship, Presidential Award or other College-wide financial aid, applications must be received by December 1. Departmental financial assistance awards are distributed at later dates.

Admission Requirements


All applicants must take the General Test and for most departments the Subject Test in the proposed field of specialization. Inquiries concerning this testing program and application to take the tests should be addressed to the Graduate Record Examinations, Educational Testing Service, or call 1-800-GRE-CALL.

The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in arts or in science from a collegiate institution of recognized rank. Holders of the degree of Doctor of Medicine may be considered for admission as students in the Medical Science group.

The applicant should have a B average for the last two sessions of the undergraduate course, or the equivalent in terms of credit standards of the college from which the applicant comes, as estimated by the Dean of the Graduate School. Certain departments in this University, because of the large number of well qualified applicants, require a general grade average of B or higher.

Academic credits, undergraduate or graduate, earned more than 10 sessions, or 10 calendar years before the date of application for admission will ordinarily be considered no longer valid and therefore will not form a basis for admission to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. At the discretion of the department in which the student proposes to work, such credits may be validated by an examination or examinations given at the University of Virginia.

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