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Department of Surgery

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Degree Requirements

Master of Science Postgraduates in training in the Department of Surgery may, if they are recommended by the department and meet admission requirements, be admitted to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for work toward the degree of Master of Science in Surgery. For admission, individuals must possess the degree of Doctor of Medicine and at least two years of postgraduate medical education in surgery.

Candidates conduct research without responsibility for the care of patients except when it is desirable to apply their laboratory work to the treatment of patients. Frequent consultations are required between the student and members of the staff concerning both the practical and theoretical aspects of this work.

The degree is awarded upon satisfactory completion of all prescribed laboratory and course assignments; an oral examination given by three faculty members of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and an original research problem on which a thesis is based. The thesis must be approved by the Committee on Graduate Studies of the School of Medicine. For the general Graduate School foreign language requirement, degree applicants may substitute a demonstrated level of competence in advanced scholarship as recommended by the Department of Surgery and approved by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Course Descriptions


SURG 901 - (3) (S)
Surgery and Postsurgical Care for the Researcher

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