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Darden Student Life

Student Government

Darden Student Association is an umbrella organization for all Darden students and groups. These groups include intramural sports, Outreach at Darden (community service organization), the University Honor Committee, the University Judiciary Committee, and the University Student Council. All students registered for courses at Darden are members of the DSA.

The Darden Student Association Social Committee is responsible for hosting and coordinating a variety of non-academic social activities throughout the year. The committee is comprised of representatives of both the first- and second-year class.

Peers@Darden pairs first- and second-years in a program is designed to help foster relationships between students. Early in the year, activities will be planned in order for the students from the two classes to get to know each other better and to assist in continuing their relationships throughout the school year.

Outreach at Darden seeks to help students get involved in the Charlottesville community. Encourages the spirit of giving, contributes Darden’s diverse talents to Charlottesville, and fosters community involvement in future business leaders.

Affinity Groups


The Asian Business Club seeks to increase awareness within Darden about Asia, as well as increase awareness about Darden within Asia. The club organizes and supports cultural and academic activities, recruitment and professional activities, and admissions activities, and communicates and supports relevant initiatives of related committees and organizations within Darden, such as the Inter national Business Society and the International Advisory Board.

The Black Business Student Forum develops programs that promote academic excellence, support professional development, provide a forum for social activities and participate in community outreach. Founded over a decade ago, the BBSF is organized for and focused on bringing together the past, present, and future Darden African American Communities.

Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship group seeking to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students, faculty, and staff.

The Darden African Business Organization links Darden to Africa formally and informally, and provides all Darden staff and students an opportunity to learn more about African businesses, economies, culture and political framework. The club works to keep abreast of developments in Africa on a regular basis.

The Darden Jewish Student Association serves to further awareness of Jewish Culture, tradition and history within the Darden community through educational and social avenues. The DJSA cultivates and supports a friendly community for students to congregate, converse, and network. As a social organization, membership is open to all students, not just those who practice a religious faith. Social activities are planned for both club members and Darden as a whole.

The Darden Military Association assists first year students in making the transition from the military to the private sector, performs volunteer community service in Charlottesville, builds esprit de corps and camaraderie within the Darden community, and hosts lively leisure events.

Darden Partners Association is an active support group for the spouses, families, and significant others of Darden students. Helps its members make a smooth transition to Charlottesville and the Darden Community through hospitality, job network, family resource, community service, and social activity programs.

The European Society increases the exposure of Darden in Europe and of Europe in Darden, and strives to increase of the number of European students in Darden.

Gays, Lesbians, and Friends at Darden helps to create an environment in which gay, lesbian, and bisexual members of the Darden community are comfortable being open about their sexual orientation.

Graduate Women in Business at Darden promotes the role of professional women by providing opportunities for women to express their role in today’s society and by establishing alumnae networking that last a lifetime. Provides a forum to discuss the issues and challenges women face in their careers and other activities that build awareness of women in leadership position; allows both female and male students, who are interested in promoting the role of professional women, to share experiences, find support and develop constructive plans for action.

The Hispanic American Network represents the interests of Hispanic American students; creates awareness and promotes Darden to prospective Hispanic American M.B.A. candidates; creates, maintains, and strengthens ties with Hispanic American Darden alumni; supports career development opportunities for its membership; and partners with the Darden community to promote a forum for exploration of diversity within the Darden, University of Virginia, and Charlottesville communities and businesses at large.

The International Business Society promotes the internationalization of business at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and the University of Virginia. Serves as a forum for students who are interested in international business ventures. sponsors programs that support academic diversity, enhances professional opportunities for its membership, maintains ties with international alumni, promotes Darden to prospective students and offers cultural events and the Global Speaker Forum.

The Latin American Student Association is committed to providing students of Latin decent and others with interest in Latin cultures within the Darden community a forum to pursue cultural, professional and social activities and opportunities.

The M.B.A./J.D. Society serves as a focal point for communication between M.B.A./J.D. students and the Law and Business School administrations, faculty, student body, alumni, and prospective students. It promotes the exchange of information and advice among M.B.A./J.D.s, improves the functioning of the M.B.A./J.D. Program and lobbies on behalf of M.B.A./J.D. students, and sponsors events and activities which promote interaction among the law and business school communities.

Career Focus Groups


The Business Technology Club provides a forum for students interested in working in technology intensive industries and students interested in understanding the role and opportunities that technology creates for improving the performance of organizations of all types.

The Consulting Club has as its primary goal informing the Darden Community on the opportunities available in the consulting industry and then providing interested students with the resources and assistance necessary to fulfill these opportunities.

Darden Capital Management is focused on promoting the interest and experience of its members in investment management industry. One of the main responsibilities of the Club is managing the Darden Fund, Jefferson Fund, and Monticello Fund. The three Funds have over $1,500,000.00 in assets and are part of the school’s endowment, which has been set aside for Darden students to manage.

Darden Private Equity Network seeks to build and develop a network of Darden students and alumni professionals with common interest in private equity investing ranging from angel stage and venture capital to leveraged buyouts and turnaround situations, and to provide career training for students and continuing education for active alumni investors.

The Energy Club assists the students in gathering information about and facilitating employment in energy-related companies.

The Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Club is Darden’s forum for sharing and gaining ideas about starting and building new ventures. The club provides an opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs, sponsors educational lectures on the many facets of starting a business, helps students formulate business plans for the spring Business Plan Competition, and assists students in career searches.

The Finance Club works to increase the visibility and understanding of various careers in Finance including investment banking, commercial banking, finance positions in corporations, money management and financial consulting; helps members to find jobs in various areas of Finance; increases members professional knowledge; and fosters friendship among the Finance Club, particularly first years and second years, and with members of other clubs at Darden.

The General Management & Operations Club provides information, opportunity, and support to those members of the Darden community who are interested in the creation, management, or improvement of operations in small or large companies.

The Health Care Leadership Club is dedicated to patients by promoting awareness of issues and opportunities in health related fields. HCC achieves its mission by closely partnering with both academia and industry to sponsor education and speaker programs focused on all aspects of the health care industry, provide information about career opportunities in health care, and join with communities and patients in supporting health related causes.

The Marketing Club establishes a strong marketing reputation for Darden within academic and professional circles, provides a forum in which to educate and enhance their understanding of marketing issues, assists club members in discovering and exploring diverse marketing employment opportunities, and stimulates interaction among students, companies, and faculty to enhance participation in marketing and community relationships.

The Media, Entertainment, and Sports Club seeks to increase the awareness of Darden within these industries while also encouraging employment opportunities.

Net Impact at Darden strives to inspire, challenge and engage people to incorporate values in daily decision making. Members share a passion for exploring the interdependence of business and social responsibility while in business school and throughout their professional careers.

Practically Speaking Journal aims to be Darden’s premiere student academic journal, promoting innovation and applied theory through articles on applications of theory to practical business situations.

The Real Estate Club educates its members of current real estate practices and issues. The club also serves as a networking opportunity to learn about real estate and to find employment opportunities.

Social and Community Outreach Groups


Christmas-In-April of Charlottesville is part of a national organization dedicated to keeping low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners living in warmth, safety, independence, dignity, and decency through home repair and rehabilitation volunteer services. Each year, the group repairs and rehabilitates 10 homes during a one-day event.

Cold Call Chorus is an a-cappella singing group, celebrating the Darden culture through music and comedy. Committed to providing high quality entertainment for Darden and the community, as well as to improving the musical abilities of its members.

Cold Call Chronicle is the student newspaper of the Darden community. The CCC is published at least once a month by a staff made up entirely of Darden students. The Chronicle endeavors to present the Darden Community with news, opinions and entertainment throughout the year.

Darden Follies is a spring comedy extravaganza featuring the finest Darden talents.

Opportunity Consultants Inc. provides pro-bono consulting service to small business and non-profits in the Charlottesville community; enables students to apply classroom instruction to real-world situation; offers experience in a variety of functional areas including operations, finance, marketing, business development/strategy, and consulting; and builds students management and leadership expertise.

Darden Outdoors Club provides members with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and develop friendships in a non-academic environment. Activities include hiking, biking, spelunking, rock climbing, sailing, skiing, fly fishing, and white water rafting.

The Darden Rowing Club provides recreational and competitive rowing opportunities to members of Darden and other University graduate school communities. The organization seeks to promote the sport of rowing and its positive attributes such as teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness.

The Sky Club at Darden is an organization which provides information on and facilitates academic, professional, and business contacts between Aerospace Industry, Civil and Military Aviation, and the UVa community. The Sky Club at Darden also provides informational and organizational support to those who are or want to be pilots, sky divers, glider pilots, or hang gliders.

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