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Financial Aid Information

The Graduate School of Commerce assists students in meeting the cost of education through a range of scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, loans, work-study, payment plans, and employer sponsored tuition remission programs.

U.S. Citizens and permanent residents who are seeking any type of financial aid through the University must file (1) a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSAA), (2) a University Graduate Financial Aid Form and (3) a Departmental Funding Request. The required FASFAA and University Graduate Financial Aid forms can be obtained directly from the Office of Student Financial Assistance, P.O. Box 400204, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4204, (434) 982-6000, or via their website at The required Departmental scholarship and assistantship forms can be obtained from the Graduate School of Commerce website at

Availability of departmental funds for international students is limited and varies by program.

Applicants will not be considered for financial assistance until they have been admitted to the Graduate School of Commerce and submitted the required documentation. Admissions decisions are made without regard to an applicant’s financial situation. Please see individual programs for information on specific scholarships and GTA requirements.

Departmental Financial Aid Please see individual program description for further information and application instructions.

Veterans’ Benefits The Office of the University Registrar is the University liaison with the Veterans Administration in matters concerning educational benefits available to veterans and war orphans under the provisions of Chapters 34 and 35 of Title 38 USC (Cold War G.I. Bill). This office provides information and furnishes application forms on request. Please address inquiries regarding educational benefits available through the Veterans Administration to the Office of the University Registrar, Carruthers Hall, (434) 924-4138.

Tuition Waiver Program Due to the cohort driven format of the M.S. degree programs, the Graduate School of Commerce does not participate in the University of Virginia Tuition Waiver program for University employees. Interested applicants employed at the University of Virginia should contact the admissions office to determine whether any special tuition assistance may be available.

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