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Course Descriptions

Service Physical Education

205 Memorial Gymnasium
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 400407
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4407
(434) 924-3167

Please consult the Service Physical Education website for information about courses that have an additional activities fee.

A student in the College of Arts and Sciences may present a maximum of two credits of service physical education to satisfy requirements for a degree, provided that:

  1. such credits are counted against the degree credits students may earn for courses taken outside the College;
  2. only courses numbered 320 or higher in the Department of Health and Physical Education of the Curry School of Education are accepted for College credit. Such credits are counted against degree credits students may earn for courses taken outside the College;
  3. neither participation in varsity athletics nor the completion of any other course in physical education is accepted as the equivalent of a course in service physical education;
  4. no grade other than credit or no credit is recorded for courses in physical education taken for degree credit;
  5. no more than one credit in service physical education is earned in a single semester;
  6. service physical education is under the supervision of the Dean of the College.

Course Descriptions


Note: Courses are co-educational unless listed otherwise.

PHYE 100 - (1) (S)
Myo Sim Karate
Emphasizes basic stances, blocks and attacks, hand and foot techniques, and practice in first forms.

PHYE 101 - (1) (S)
Uechi Ryu Karate
Traditional Chinese-Okinawan self-defense with an origin in the ancient Chinese tradition of martial arts. Strikes, blocks, and throws are emphasized, and kata (forms) are practiced to master basic techniques

PHYE 102 - (1) (S)
Judo is a Japanese martial art and Olympic sport. It consists of throwing and pinning techniques, strangleholds, and joint immobilizations. While there is a large amount of physical interplay between participants, mutual respect and cooperation are emphasized resulting in safe play and character development.

PHYE 103 - (1) (S)
Wushu (Kaolin Kung Fu)
Wushu, commonly known as kung-fu, is a general term for Chinese martial arts with origins in the Shaolin Temple dating back to 500 A.D.

PHYE 104 - (1) (S)
This course strives to develop the mind and body through martial arts. There will be an introduction to basic moves followed by more challenging techniques over the course of the semester. There is an equal emphasis on striking and grappling.

PHYE 110 - (1) (S)
Three levels of instruction–beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All courses stress proper use of the basic fundamentals including proper strokes, court positions and strategy for singles and doubles. Rules, terminology, and etiquette are equally stressed.

PHYE 111 - (1) (S)
The basic fundamentals of skills and shots, including serves, forehand, and backhand are stressed, along with rules and game strategy.

PHYE 112 - (1) (S)
Two levels of instruction–beginner/intermediate and advanced. Emphasizes the fundamental skills and rules of volleyball, as well as basic team play and strategy.

PHYE 113 - (1) (Y)
This course covers the basic skills of soccer–such as dribbling, shooting, passing, heading, and trapping–which will be used in game playing.

PHYE 114 - (1) (S)
The purpose of this course is to give exposure to this fast-paced fun sport. It will focus on the basic ball-handling skills, general team play, rules, and an introduction to various team strategies.

PHYE 115 - (1) (Y)
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels are offered which emphasize the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding. Rules and game strategy are also covered and practiced through participation in games throughout the class.

PHYE 116 - (1) (S)
This course focuses on instruction of basic softball skills, along with strategy and rules of the game.

PHYE 117 - (1) (S)
Golf instruction is provided on a group basis at a local golf club. Emphasis is placed on grip, stance, and swing in addition to etiquette and rules.

PHYE 118 - (1) (S)
A fast-paced team sport with a focus on rules and regulations, skill development and stick work, and fitness. This class caters to those new to the game or wishing to improve on basic skills.

PHYE 120 - (1) (S)
The basic fundamentals of skills and shots, including serves, forehand, and backhand are stressed, along with the rules and game strategy. Singles and doubles play will be stressed.

PHYE 130 - (1) (S)
Beginning and intermediate levels of swimming are offered. The beginner level is designed for students who have little or no prior swimming knowledge and emphasizes basic stroke development and safety skills. The intermediate level stresses the improvement of strokes, kicking and breathing. Deep water skills are also taught.

PHYE 131 - (1) (S)
Swimming for Fitness
This course is designed to improve fitness level through cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility training. It also covers stroke mechanics, basic water safety, and components of fitness.

PHYE 132 - (1) (S)
Scuba Diving
This course emphasizes the basic skills of skin diving and scuba, along with the physiology of diving, first aid, and decompression.

PHYE 140 - (1) (S)
Weight Training
Beginner and intermediate/advanced levels offered. Emphasis will be placed on learning proper lifting technique and designing individualized programs.

PHYE 141 - (1) (S)
Yoga is the practice of uniting the mind and body in a series of postures or a meditation in motion. This class is a Kripalu style yoga, which focuses on a series of postures that strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility, energize the body and cultivate mental and emotional calmness. The class will begin with instruction on basic postures and progress to an intermediate level.

PHYE 142 - (1) (S)
Pilates is a series of controlled movements engaging one's body and mind which focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the "core" or "powerhouse" of the body which includes the abdominal muscles, the back, and the butt.

PHYE 143 - (1) (S)
Cardio Fitness with Resistance Training
Emphasis is placed on increasing cardiovascular endurance through various forms of exercise, including, but not limited to, aerobic dance, circuit training, running, and other aerobic activities. Resistance exercise will also be included such as squats, push-ups, crunches, and weights.

PHYE 144 - (1) (S)
Running for Fitness
Open to runners of all levels. Instruction may include road, off-road, speedwork, interval training, and hill work. Training to meet individual needs.

PHYE 150 - (1) (S)
Jazz Dance
This course covers different techniques of jazz dance. Emphasis is placed on progression of skills through across-the-floor. Class includes a warm-up, center work, across-the-floor, and a short combination. Level varies by semester.

PHYE 151 - (1) (S)
Tap Dance
Taught by a local dance instructor and focuses on the basic steps such as flaps, shuffles, and short combinations.

PHYE 152 - (1) (S)
This course builds on a basic foundation of ballet with an emphasis on technique and endurance. Class includes a floor and barre warm-up, center work, across-the-floor, and a variety of combinations. The level of class varies by semester.

PHYE 160 - (1) (S)
Classes are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders who wish to learn or refine riding skills.

PHYE 161 - (1) (S)
Ice Skating
This course introduces the student to basic ice skating skills. With progression, the student will learn basic spins, more advanced blade work, and jumps.

PHYE 162 - (1) (S)
Ice Hockey
This course covers the basic skills and rules of ice hockey.

PHYE 163 - (1) (Y)
The fundamentals such as basic skills and techniques, safety, and equipment purchase and care are taught.

PHYE 164 - (1) (Y)
Fundamentals of snowboarding are emphasized.

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