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Academic Requirements

Add/Drop Rules Courses may be added only during the two weeks and two days (16 calendar days) after final registration.

Required courses cannot be dropped. Other courses may be dropped only during the McIntire School’s drop period, not to exceed two weeks (14 calendar days) after final registration. After the two-week period, students are not allowed to drop or withdraw from any courses.

Changes in students’ class schedules are made via ISIS. If admission to a course requires the instructor’s permission, a course action form signed by the instructor must be submitted to the Student Services Office in Monroe Hall.

Attendance Students are expected to attend all lectures and other prescribed activities of the courses for which they are registered. Although the course instructor sets course attendance requirements, any student who is absent from more than 50 percent of the lectures may automatically receive a grade of F in that course.

Course Completion No 400-level Commerce courses may be taken prior to satisfactory completion of all required third-year core courses except with instructor permission.

Course Restrictions Commerce students may take no more than one credit of physical education or one credit of EDHS physical education-related courses as part of their 120-credit course of study. See Credit/No Credit Courses.

Course Credit Requirements (Semester) Students in the third-year curriculum are required to register for 15 credits. A student may register for three more credits than were passed the preceding semester, up to 21 total credits.

A degree candidate needing 27 or fewer credits to meet degree requirements may, in either of the last two semesters of candidacy, carry as few as 12 credits (one semester) or 13.5 credits (both semesters). However, any student carrying fewer than 15 credits is not eligible for the Dean’s List.

Credit/No Credit Courses CR/NC courses cannot be used to satisfy any McIntire School requirement (except 1 credit of PHYE can be used towards the 120-credit requirement). Courses taken on a CR/NC basis before entering the McIntire School may be applied toward a student’s degree requirements. After enrollment in the school, students may take non-Commerce courses on a CR/NC basis as part of the 120-credit requirement for graduation. CR/NC courses may be taken only on an overload basis (i.e., above the minimum 15 credit graded course load) and may not be used to satisfy any McIntire requirements. Except labs offered only CR/NC, Commerce courses may not be taken on a CR/NC basis.

Dean’s List Students who pass at least 15 credits of graded work in the preceding semester, of which nine or more credits are Commerce courses, with a GPA in the top 20 percent of the school, will be placed on the Dean’s List of Distinguished Students. Courses taken on a CR/NC basis may not be counted toward the 15-credit minimum. Any student receiving an F, NC, or NG during the semester is not eligible to be on the Dean’s List.


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