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Liberal Arts Seminars

c/o College of Arts and Sciences
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University of Virginia
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Charlottesville, VA 22904-4133
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Course Descriptions


LASE 151 - (1) (S)
Honor and Ethics in Everyday Life

An introduction to the philosophy and mechanics of the Honor System, with a focus on the concepts of ethics and integrity within the context of both the Honor System/Committee and the broader University community.

LASE 152 - (1) (S)
History of Mr. Jefferson’s University

LASE 153, 154 - (1) (S)
First-Year Echols Seminar

LASE 155, 156 - (1) (S)
Second-Year Echols Seminar

LASE 251 - (2) (S)
Facilitating Honor and Ethics in Everyday Life

Prerequisite: Instructor permission and training as an Honor support officer.
Students in this course facilitate the small group portion of LASE 151.

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