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In accordance with Section 23-9.2:3 of the Code of Virginia the Transportation and Parking Committee has approved the following Regulations for the operation of motor vehicles by all students, faculty, and staff members of the University of Virginia. As appropriate, these Regulations shall also apply to visitors operating motor vehicles on the University's Grounds. The Regulations shall remain in effect from July 1, 1991 until amended.

General Introduction  Operating and parking motor vehicles in University controlled areas is permitted only in accordance with University Motor Vehicle Regulations. These Regulations have been prepared and distributed to assist those who plan to operate and park motor vehicles on University property. Knowledge of them is assumed and they will be enforced by the Department of Parking and Transportation and the Department of Police. Ignorance of the Regulations is not a basis for appeal of parking citations.

Parking in University controlled areas is by permit only except at meters and in attended lots. The responsibility for finding a proper parking space rests with the vehicle operator. The Regulations apply to all vehicles driven or parked on University property, regardless of who operates them. The individual in whose name the permit is held or a vehicle registered will be held responsible along with the operator for violation of these regulations. Employees who are being payroll deducted and fail to return their permits or gate card upon separation will be held liable for the remaining balance.

Furthermore, the University of Virginia assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time, including the time it is in any University controlled areas, whether or not a parking fee has been paid.

Finally, the University of Virginia reserves the right to set aside areas for special events such as plays, funerals, athletic events, etc., in all parking areas of the University.


  1. Motor Vehicles: All self-propelled vehicles which require state licensing.
  2. Motorcycles: Two and three wheeled vehicles with a primary or auxiliary gasoline engine.
  3. Limited Parking Spaces: These spaces are specially designated as one of the following: reserved spaces, reserved areas, handicapped spaces, metered spaces, attended pay areas, and service vehicle and loading zone spaces.
  4. University Grounds: For the purpose of these Regulations, "University Grounds" is defined as any University property in the Charlottesville/Albemarle area.

Registration of Motor Vehicles

General Registration  Except at meters or in attended lots all staff, faculty, students, and other University affiliated personnel must purchase and display parking permits on their vehicles in order to park in University controlled areas. Visitors must park at metered spaces or in attended lots or purchase and display temporary parking permits.

Eligibility  Standard commuter, storage, and reserved parking permits may be purchased by the following personnel provided they have paid all parking fines/bills due and have not lost their parking privileges through suspension or revocation:

  1. Staff and faculty members
  2. Graduate students
  3. Undergraduate students beyond their first semester of their first year who have grade point averages of at least 2.0 for the preceding semester, or cumulative, and who are not on academic or social probation.
    (Note: No first year undergraduate student in his/her first semester shall be permitted to operate a motor vehicle in Charlottesville or Albemarle County at any time during that semester. Requests for exceptions due to physical disability shall be made to the Department of Student Health. All other requests for exceptions should be made to the Dean of Students.)
  4. Employees of non-University agencies working full time in buildings located on the University Grounds.
Visitors may purchase temporary parking permits or park at metered spaces or attended lots.

Certification  By signing a parking permit application form a purchaser:

  1. Agrees to comply with the Regulations set forth herein.
  2. Is able to furnish evidence of:
    1. A valid motor vehicle registration.
    2. A minimum motor vehicle liability insurance coverage prescribed by the laws of the state in which the vehicle is registered, or having paid the requisite amount into that state's uninsured motorist fund.
  3. Certifies to being the registered owner of the vehicle(s) or:
    1. The owner is the spouse of the permit purchaser.
    2. The owner is the parent of the permit purchaser.
    3. Has obtained written permission from the Dean of Students or the Director of Parking and Transportation.
The permit year begins June 1 and ends May 31.

Parking Permits

Standard Commuter Permits authorize parking in parking spaces and areas which are labeled blue permit areas. Students living in dormitory, Lawn, or Range housing may neither purchase nor use these permits without written permission from the Dean of Students or the Director of Parking and Transportation.

Storage Permits are sold to students living in University housing, including the Lawn, the Ranges, dormitories, Copeley III and IV, and Lambeth Apartments. These permits authorize parking in accordance with the letters and/or numbers on the permits in lots which are labeled as orange "S" permit areas.

Reserved Permits are generally available only to Staff and Faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, reserve permits are available to students in certain lots. Permit privileges in some lots may be determined either by lottery or by assignments by University departments that have spaces designated solely for their use. These permits authorize parking in accordance with the letters and/or numbers on the permit in lots with the same letter and/or number designation. Reserved permits are also authorized in any blue standard permit area.

Handicapped Permits  Persons with a permanent or temporary physical handicap who hold a UVA parking permit may submit requests to the Department of Parking and Transportation for special permits entitling them to reserved parking. In addition, these permits allow parking at meters free of charge and at designated handicapped spaces. Students must submit such a request through the Department of Student Health.

Resident Permits are sold to residents of the University owned family housing. These permits allow parking only in those areas covered by the permit and nowhere else on Grounds.

Second Car Permits  A person may register more than one vehicle, provided each vehicle meets the certification requirements set forth previously. The vehicle displaying the second car permit may not be parked on the Grounds at the same time the vehicle displaying the primary permit is parked on the Grounds.

Transferable Permits  Transferable (hang tag) permits are available and convey the same privileges as stick on mirror permits. Any vehicle displaying a transferable permit must satisfy eligibility requirements stated for the particular permit displayed.

Temporary Permits  Temporary permits, issued for periods up to three months, convey the same privileges as permanent permits. Temporary permits will be issued to a permit holder at no charge if they are to be applied to a temporary alternate vehicle, i.e., borrowed or rented, that is being used by the permit holder.

Gate Cards allow parking in designated areas. Gate cards also serve as a bus pass.

Note:   Parking permits are the property of the University and may be physically removed from bearer's vehicle by University representatives if they are not voluntarily returned when a permit is revoked.

Display of Permits  Stick on mirror permits must be displayed on the back of the inside rear view mirror, or in the case of a motorcycle on the back of the left handle bar mirror. Dashboard permits must be displayed on the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle. Transferable permits must be hung from the inside rearview mirror or displayed on dashboard of the driver's side. Any other special permit must be displayed as they are indicated. Parking privileges are not in effect until the permits are properly affixed or displayed on the vehicle. When a permit holder has more than one permit they must be displayed adjacent to each other.

Replacement and Exchange

  1. Lost or damaged permits may be replaced by paying a nominal fee. Scrapings of the damaged permit, including the numbers, must be returned to the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  2. When a vehicle is sold or traded, the permits must be removed or parking fine liabilities continue to apply to that permitholder. Replacement permits may be obtained for a nominal fee provided that the old stickers including numbers are returned to the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  3. When a permit holder leaves the employment of the University, all permits must be returned to Department of Parking and Transportation, or permit fee liabilities continue to apply to that permit holder.

Refunds  Permanent permits and gate cards are sold for the entire permit year. Scrapings of the old permit, including numbers, or the gate card must be returned to the Department of Parking and Transportation in order to receive a refund. No refund will be made for an amount less than $5.

Bus Passes

  1. Bus passes are issued automatically with standard commuter, reserved and temporary parking permits. They may also be purchased separately and are valid during the permit year. Temporary bus passes are available for shorter periods up to three months.
  2. Persons who subsequently purchase parking permits will receive credit for separately purchased bus passes.
  3. Permitholders may purchase additional bus passes for non-University affiliated members of their families for a nominal fee.
  4. Children under 12 years of age may ride the University bus system free when accompanied by an adult with a bus pass.
  5. Lost or damaged bus passes may be replaced for a nominal fee.
Regulations and Restrictions
  1. General Parking at the University is controlled by signs, painted curbs and pavement. Yellow paint indicates that parking is prohibited at all times no matter how brief. Red paint indicates limited parking in accordance with the posted signs. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to find a proper parking space. Failure to find a legal space is not a license for violation of these Regulations.
  2. Parking restrictions are in effect all year, including student breaks, from Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM unless otherwise posted. Holidays are established separately by the academic and medical areas and may be determined by contacting the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  3. A violation will be considered as such regardless of its duration.
  4. Vehicles shall be parked within twelve inches of the curbing, within marked areas, and on the righthand side of the street or roadway except on a one-way street or a narrow street that permits traffic only one way at a time.
  5. Driving or parking on the grass, mulch or walkways is prohibited.
  6. Whether marked or not, parking is prohibited in driveways, alleys, crosswalks, or within 15 feet of fire hydrants.
  7. With the proper permit, motorcycles should be parked in areas designated for motorcycle parking. They may also use areas designated for other motor vehicles provided the proper permit is displayed. Motorcycle parking is prohibited on lawns, sidewalks, porches, patios, at bicycle racks, or in buildings.
  8. Metered Parking: The days and hours of metered parking is in effect as posted. The duration for which a vehicle may be parked at a meter is posted and may not be exceeded, regardless of the amount of money placed in the meter. All motor vehicles, except those that are properly marked as vehicles for the handicapped, must pay at meters. It is prohibited to allow a vehicle to remain parked in a metered space with an expired time flag or coupon showing, even if the meter is not functioning. If a meter malfunctions, that space must not be used and the malfunction should be reported to the Department of Parking and Transportation within one working day for a refund of money lost.
  9. Football Games: Parking areas near Scott Stadium are reserved on Saturdays of home football games during the fall. Vehicles parked in these areas after 1:00 AM on the day of the game are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner's expense.
  10. Basketball Games: On the days of home basketball games, parking is reserved in areas between University Hall and Copeley Road and between University Hall and Massie Road according to the posted signs. Vehicles in these areas are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner's expense.
  11. Reserved Parking: Parking without a proper permit in a reserved space or area is prohibited. Violators are subject to towing at owner's expense. If a permit-holder's space or area is filled, the permit holder must find a legitimate space and contact the Department of Parking and Transportation in order to have violator's vehicle(s) towed.
  12. Service Parking: Parking in a service vehicle space without a valid service vehicle pass or without proper markings on the vehicle is prohibited.
  13. Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for the use of those possessing valid handicapped permits (provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia or the University of Virginia). Any use of these spaces without a proper handicapped permit is prohibited.
  14. Resident parking is located in areas of University family housing. It is reserved at all times for residents' vehicles bearing the appropriate permits. Resident permits are not valid for other areas on the Grounds.
  15. Blocking access to a parking space or blocking another car in a parking space is prohibited unless otherwise posted.
  16. Disabled Vehicle: Should a vehicle become disabled in an unauthorized area, it must be removed without delay. If it is necessary to leave the vehicle unattended while making arrangements for its removal the Department of Parking and Transportation must be notified immediately (after hours, notify the Department of Police at 924-7166). If the vehicle is not removed promptly it may be towed away at the owner's expense.
  17. Parking Problems: Any person anticipating a temporary parking problem regardless of duration should contact the Department of Parking and Transportation in advance to seek a possible solution. Temporary exceptions to Regulations may be granted only through the Director of Parking and Transportation. Unless arrangements are made in advance, illegally parked vehicles are subject to ticketing and possible towing.
  18. Alternate Vehicles: Permitholders who wish to park an unregistered vehicle temporarily should telephone the Department of Parking and Transportation daily before driving or parking on the Grounds (after hours contact the Department of Police, 924-7166).
  19. Other Vehicles: Vehicles covered in this section include but are not limited to trailbikes, minibikes, snowmobiles, and trailers for cargo, boats, camping, traveling, etc. Permits to park other vehicles in University controlled areas will not be sold. These vehicles shall not abe parked in areas designated for motor vehicle parking or in bicycle racks. The owner or custodian of such vehicles shall arrange for their off-Grounds parking or storage if his/her area of residence has no storage are designated.


General  The enforcement of University Motor Vehicle Regulations is primarily the responsibility of the Department of Parking and Transportation located at 1101 Millmont Street, although the Department of Police exercises authority to enforce the Regulations. The Department of Parking and Transportation will assess fines and penalties and revoke parking privileges of violators.

Offenses and Penalties  Listed below are the violations of these Regulations with the fine indicated. Fines must be paid to the Department of Parking and Transportation in person or by mail.

  1. For most violations, if a ticket is the only ticket issued to a vehicle in a twelve month period preceding the issuance of that ticket, then it will be considered a warning ticket with no fine due. Tickets which are believed to be warning tickets may be confirmed by contacting the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  2. For operation of a motor vehicle by a student not entitled to motor vehicle privileges, the penalty is $50 and/or possible suspension from the University.
  3. For altering a permit or bus pass, the penalty is $50 and revocation of parking privileges.
  4. For purchasing, displaying, or selling a permit or bus pass under false pretenses, (for example, a dorm student purchasing or displaying a commuted permit) the penalty is $50 and/or revocation of parking privileges.
  5. For parking an additional car (second cars or carpool) in a University controlled area without having paid full fees, the penalty is $50 and/or revocation or parking privileges. For improper parking, the penalties are as follows:
    Parking in a Blue or Orange area$10
    Parking in a reserved space or area$15
    Double parking$15
    Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant$15
    Parking in a fire lane $50
    Parking in a prohibited zone$15
    Parking with motor running$15
    Parking on the grass, mulch, dirt, etc.$15
    Parking with wrong side of vehicle to curb $15
    Improper angle, across stall line$10
    Blocking another vehicle$15
    Parking over 12 inches from the curb$15
    Parking in a service space or area$15
    Parking in a loading zone$15
    Parking on sidewalk, crosswalk, or driveway$15
    Parking in a bus loading zone$15
    Parking overtime $10
    Improper display of registration decal$5
    Meter violation$10
    Parking in a handicapped space$50
  6. After 14 calendar days any unpaid and unappealed ticket will be considered delinquent. A $5 late penalty is added to unpaid tickets that become delinquent. The ticket is considered the first notice. If the payment due date falls on a weekend or a holiday, payment must be received on the previous business day to avoid a delinquent account.
  7. A vehicle for which four or more tickets have become delinquent may be towed from University Grounds at the owner's expense.
  8. Parking permits for University controlled areas will be revoked for extended non-payment of fines or for concurrent non-payment of four or more ticket fines. Flagrant staff or faculty violations may result in other administrative action. Flagrant student violators may be subject to suspension from the University, and all student fines will be treated as official financial obligations.
Removal and Immobilization of Vehicles
  1. The Department of Parking and Transportation or the Department of Police may immobilize or have removed and put into storage any vehicle in University controlled areas which is parked in violation of these Regulations.
  2. Costs of such removal and storage are charged against the individual in whose name the car is registered. Towed vehicles may be retrieved by the owners at the appropriate towing company office. (Note: Vehicles are not released by the tow companies until tow and storage charges are paid.)
  3. Any student, staff or faculty member whose driving or parking privileges are impaired as a consequence of a vehicle parked in violation of these Regulations may request that the Department of Parking and Transportation (or after hours, the Department of Police) take action against the violating vehicle. Vehicles will be given consideration, and ticketing and towing may result.
Hearings and Appeals
  1. Any person who has been issued a parking ticket may file a hearing with the Department of Parking and Transportation providing that no more than 14 calendar days have elapsed since the issuance of the ticket. The Hearing Officer will review the hearing to determine whether or not a violation has occurred and whether there are significant mitigating circumstances surrounding the alleged violation to warrant excusing the fine. The Hearing Officer's decision will be one of the following:
    1. Charge dismissed; no fine is due.
    2. Charge is sustained. This is a warning ticket, no fine is due.
    3. Charge is sustained. Fine is excused due to mitigating circumstances.
    4. Charge is sustained, a fine of $____ is due.
  2. Any person who has received a "sustained" decision on a hearing may appeal that decision to the Traffic Appeals Committee, providing no more than 14 calendar days have lapsed since the Hearing Officer's decision was made. After 14 calendar days all appeal rights are forfeited. The Traffic Appeals Committee is a three person committee appointed by the President of the University and their decision is based on whether the decision of the Hearings Officer was properly made or if any new evidence is available that would warrant a change in the decision. The Committee will also decide on any late appeals. These appeals are those filed after 14 days of the original ticket issuance date or more than 14 days after the Hearing Officer's decision has been rendered. The Committee will decide on whether there is sufficient reason for not having appealed in time. If the decision is to accept the late appeal then the merits of the appeal will then be decided. If the reason for filing late is rejected, the merits of the appeal will not be considered. The Appeal Committee's decision will be one of the following:
    1. Charge dismissed, no fine is due.
    2. Charge is sustained. This is your warning ticket; no fine is due.
    3. Charge is sustained. Your fine is excused due to mitigating circumstances.
    4. Charge is sustained, a fine of $____ is due.

Modification of Privileges

The privilege of parking in University controlled areas is granted when a permit is affixed to the vehicle. The privileges granted may be modified or the permit revoked at any time by the University for good cause.

Notice of modification of privileges or displacement of permit shall be given to the permit holder at least five days prior to modification or displacement. The permit holder may, at that time, request a prorated refund for the unexpired portion of a displaced permit or she/he may request a cancellation (and prorated refund) of the modified privileges granted.

Good cause for displacement of permit or modification of privileges shall include, but in no way shall be limited to, the following circumstances:

  1. Removal of parking from an area for safety reasons.
  2. Removal of parking from an area due to construction or renovation. This shall include provision of adequate storage space for contractors and a safety zone surrounding construction.
  3. Removal of parking from an area in order to improve traffic flow for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  4. Amendments to these regulations may be initiated by students through the Student Council and by staff and faculty through the Department of Parking and Transportation for consideration by the Traffic and Parking Committee.
  5. The holder of a permit that is displaced or whose privileges have been modified as set forth above will be given priority in assignment of another space throughout the remainder of the permit year and at the beginning of the next permit year.