University of Virginia

Graduate Record 1996-1997

Chapter 7: Colgate Darden Graduate School
of Business Administration

General Information

The University of Virginia Graduate School of Business Administration owes its existence to the energies and interest of a group of bankers and businessmen from Virginia and neighboring states, who formed a Sponsoring Committee to assist in the organization of a graduate school of business administration.

By 1954 the Sponsoring Committee had established an endowment, and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia appropriated additional funds. Meanwhile a Faculty Committee of the University recommended that the School be established, and on March 19, 1954, the University Senate voted a like recommendation. On April 9 the Board of Visitors adopted the following resolution:

Resolved by the Board of Visitors of the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia that a graduate School of Business Administration be and it is hereby created as a separate School of the University.

Since 1955 the School has grown in size, in the scope of its curriculum, and in the geographical diversity of its influence. As the reputation of the School has broadened, it has maintained a balance in its commitment to Virginia and the South and to the national and international business communities.

On July 1, 1974, it became The Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Virginia. Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr., preeminent statesman and educator from the State of Virginia, was Governor of Virginia from 1942 through 1946 and served as President of the University of Virginia from 1947 until 1959.

Mr. Darden was one of the prime forces in the creation of a graduate business school at the University of Virginia and remained an active supporter of the School through its development.

The School is proud to bear the name of this remarkable man.


The Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
North Grounds
University of Virginia
P.O. Box 6550
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6550
(804) 924-3900
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The Darden School   The Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration is located on the North Grounds, about a mile from the central University Grounds, as part of a graduate-professional complex that also includes the Law School and the Judge Advocate General's School. The new Darden Grounds, dedicated on April 13, 1996, include Saunders Hall, the Camp Library and student services building, twin office and classroom buildings, and a gatehouse and bedroom wing for Executive Education. Sponsors Hall, adjacent to the Darden Grounds and completed in 1984, complements the School's Executive Education facilities which now offer 120 private bedrooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, dining facilities, and fitness and recreation rooms.

Computer Facilities   The Darden School has an integrated computing environment supporting over 250 microcomputers. The School houses 56 microcomputers and 12 laser printers for use by students and executive education participants. There are microcomputers in each classroom connected to large screen projectors. All the School's microcomputers are connected to Darden's Local Area Network, the University's network, and the Internet. In addition to Darden software and data, the network supports access to the University's computing resources, including several UNIX machines. The School provides interactive access to several major data bases and information services, such as Dow Jones News/Retrieval, NEXIS, and Compu-stat. Students can dial-in and remotely access electronic mail and class related data.

Since the use of microcomputers is integrated into the curriculum, all students are exposed to a variety of microcomputer applications. First-year students are exposed to spreadsheet, word processing, data analysis, and presentation graphics software. Use of computers in both the first and second years is designed to provide an understanding of the role of computing in information gathering and decision-making contexts.

Library   The Camp Library of The Darden School is a working library designed primarily to provide vital support to students in course work. There is also a current collection of materials on business and the social sciences.

This library contains basic reference works, a broad selection of business and public affairs periodicals, important government documents and statistics, selected corporate records, and widely used serial services.

The Library staff is headed by a professional librarian who is a member of the Darden faculty. The librarian and staff are available full time for major reference problems and to assist both students and faculty in the most effective use of library facilities, including all University libraries.

The Darden School Foundation

The supportive relationship between the School and the Darden School Foundation began with the initiative of those southern business leaders who, under the leadership of former University President Colgate W. Darden, Jr., secured the initial endowment funds necessary to found the School in the early 1950s.

Today the role of the Foundation continues as a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, which manages current endowment funds to the exclusive benefit of The Darden School, underwrites the School's prominent Executive Education programs, and promotes the continued support of the School by alumni, friends, and corporations. An elected Board of Trustees, many of them Darden alumni, manages the Foundation's affairs and gives freely of its time and advice, providing an important link between the academic and business communities.

Funds provided annually to the School contribute to all phases of life at Darden. In the past several years, these funds covered approximately one-third of the School's operating budget. In addition to operating support, the Foundation also capitalizes and manages the Darden Student Loan Fund, which has offered educational loans at preferred rates and terms to over 50 percent of each M.B.A. class. Since its inception, the Foundation has made over $4 million in loan funds available to Darden students.

A visible tribute to the support and loyalty of the Foundation is represented by Sponsors Hall, a modern facility adjacent to The Darden School that is used primarily to accommodate the many corporate participants in the School's wide-ranging Executive Education Programs.

The Darden School's rapid rise to prominence both on the strength of its M.B.A. and Executive Education programs is in a large part due to the initial and continuing generosity of the many alumni, friends, and corporations who comprise the Darden School Foundation membership.

The Darden School Alumni

The greatest strength of any educational institution is the accomplishment and good will of its alumni body. The Darden School now has over 5,500 M.B.A. alumni and 3,000 graduates of the Executive Program (TEP), a highly regarded intensive six-week program for experienced corporate managers. Darden graduates are now located in 48 states, 12 territories and 48 foreign countries.

The continuing interests of the alumni in the School's affairs are fostered by the Darden Alumni Association. The Darden Alumni Association is managed by the Alumni Council. The Council includes the Executive Committee, the governing group, and a network of volunteers including class agents, class secretaries and chapter presidents.

Alumni activities are often organized according to class and regional interests. In addition to the annual class reunions held each spring, the Darden Alumni Association participates actively in many of the well established features of the Darden M.B.A. program. Most noteworthy among these include placement, student recruitment, and public relations.

Executive Education

Executive education programs date back to 1955 and have always been central to Darden's mission to provide opportunities for lifelong learning for practicing managers. Currently, over 90 year-round program offerings serve 2,200 executives annually.

Darden programs are designed for the operating manager and emphasize problem solutions in building managerial effectiveness. While some programs are the result of partnerships with business or government organizations, most are offered on an open enrollment basis. Each year in June and July, Executive Education draws approximately 100 senior-level men and women from all sections of the country and the world for a demanding six-week management education experience. Three to five-day seminars are held throughout the year in finance, manufacturing, marketing and sales, leadership, and managing people. Longer programs have been specifically designed for general managers facing the task of integrating several functional areas. Darden executive education also holds programs internationally.

Tayloe Murphy International Business Studies Center

The Tayloe Murphy Center encourages successful business growth on a global basis. The Center develops and implements educational programs and research projects that broaden the business executive's understanding of international issues, enabling the manager to respond effectively to international opportunities.

In pursuit of this mission, the Center:

Broad-Based Research   The Center is studying the internationalization process in industries. To encourage more plant investments in Virginia by foreign companies, the Center has studied the principal reasons why foreign companies choose to locate in Virginia.

Support of Virginia Trade and Investment Initiatives   Through its own research and by providing guidance on MBA student research projects, the Center provides support for efforts of state agencies in Virginia to promote exports and attract foreign investment to the state.

In response to company requests, the Center is examining the market potential and competitive situation abroad for specific products. The Center is also working with companies to develop business strategies for overseas markets and products.

The Center honors a prominent Virginia businessman, civic leader, and legislator, W. Tayloe Murphy, who died in 1962. Activities at the Center are financed by endowment income, state funds, and grants from businesses that sponsor specific research projects. The endowment funds were provided by friends of W. Tayloe Murphy and by the Virginia business community.

Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

The Olsson Center for Applied Ethics was established over 25 years ago through a grant provided by Mrs. Signe M. Olsson for the purpose of examining and promoting the concepts of ethics and integrity as they involve the world of practical affairs. As such the Center is concerned with ethical considerations of business and with other areas that impinge on business such as government and the law. Administered under the ex officio direction of the Dean of The Darden School and a Director appointed from the School's faculty, the Center works closely with other academic departments and the wider community beyond the University through its Senior Fellows and Research Associates.

Through its activities the Center is dedicated to being the leading source of thinking about the ethics of business. The Center serves as a critical resource for executives, scholars, and graduate students who are faced with the challenge of integrating ethical thinking into business decision-making.

In its activities the Center describes, defines, and analyzes the most current thinking and practices in the field. It disseminates its findings through the Ruffin Lectures Series and other seminars, conferences, and publications, and participates with The Darden School in its ethics courses for Darden students.