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Information Technology and Communication Computer Facilities

Information Technology and Communication (ITC) supports the University's instructional and research activities, administrative processes, and facilitates communication and transmission of information for all University departments. To perform these functions, ITC maintains a wide variety of computing environments and peripheral equipment that is available to faculty, students and staff. Included are: an IBM 3090/400E, MVS/XA operating systems; IBM RiscSystem/6000s, AIX operating system; Sun-4 and Sun-3 workstations, SunOS operating system; NeXT workstations, Mach/BSD 4.3 UNIX operating system; IBM-PC compatible microcomputers, MS-DOS; Apple Macintoshes; and graphics equipment.

The majority of the microcomputers, Macintoshes, workstations, printers and graphics equipment supported by ITC are located in public facilities throughout the Grounds for ease of student access. Software available for these systems includes programming languages as well as word processing, network communications, spreadsheet, mathematical, statistical and graphics packages.

Access to the Internet is provided on all systems via high-speed interactive terminal access (telnet), file transfer (ftp), electronic mail, Usenet news, the World-Wide Web (WWW), and a Grounds-Wide Information system (GWIS) based on Gopher and WWW protocols. Other on-line information retrieval systems include the University Library Catalog (VIRGO) and the University directory (whois). Consulting, training, and documentation are available for these services.

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