10: School of Law

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Special Students

A limited number of applicants who, though unable to fulfill the foregoing entrance requirements, can present proper evidence of good character, maturity, and training, may, in exceptional cases and by special action of the law faculty, be admitted as special students. (The limitation of the number of special students admitted conforms to the recommendation of the American Bar Association.) Applicants who fulfill the regular graduate entrance requirement but who are unable to meet the intense competition for places should note that the special student category is not available to them. Special student applicants must take the Law School Admission Test.

The applicant for admission as a special student must make written application on forms available from the Admissions Office and must supplement this with detailed information as to prior education and business experience and general fitness to undertake the study of law, as well as with a statement explaining why the applicant is unable to qualify as a regular student.

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