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External Combined-Degree Programs in Public International Law

The Law School does not maintain formal combined degree programs with schools in other universities. However, for a student who is admitted both to the Law School and to one of the following three schools, the Law School will approve a combined degree for the study of public international law on application by the individual student:

Students must be admitted independently to the University of Virginia School of Law and one of the above named schools. The student may begin the program by attending a year at the University of Virginia Law School first or a year at the other school. However, only credits earned at the other school after completion of the first year of Law School consisting of all required credits and two semesters of residence may be applied to the J.D. Students may apply up to 14 semester hours of credit and one semester of residence credit from the other school toward the J.D. Details of the requirements at Princeton, Tufts, and Johns Hopkins must be obtained from those schools as the programs are administered independently by the University and these schools. A student must have a faculty advisor at the other school who approves the student's degree curriculum.

The Law School faculty advisor for a public international law combined degree is Professor John Norton Moore. Professor Moore's permission is required in order to pursue one of the above degree programs. Transfer students and students who visit at another school for their third year are not eligible. External studies projects may not be undertaken by students in external combined degree programs.

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