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Applicants are offered admission to the Master of Science in Nursing program on the basis of intellectual capacity, performance, maturity, clarity of goals, and other qualities appropriate to graduate study in nursing. Not all of these qualities are measured in absolute terms, and the decision to make an offer of admission is based on a balanced appraisal of the total application record.

Admission Requirements   The applicant must:

  1. Have completed a baccalaureate degree in nursing from an accredited school;
  2. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in undergraduate study;
  3. Provide validation of health assessment skills;
  4. Be licensed as a registered nurse;
  5. Demonstrate satisfactory performance on the Graduate Record Examination;
  6. Submit three satisfactory academic and professional recommendations;
  7. Submit a clear statement of educational and professional goals.
  8. Have completed an undergraduate statistics course.
  9. Meet a one year relevant clinical experience requirement in NP, Critical Care Nurse Specialist, and Health Systems Management tracks.
Admission Procedures   Applications for admission are obtained from the Office of Student Affairs, Master's Program, School of Nursing. In addition to submitting the completed application, the applicant must:
  1. Request that official transcripts of all academic work and validation of health assessment skills be forwarded by the institutions to the Office of Student Affairs, Master's Program, School of Nursing.
  2. Obtain three statements of recommendation from persons who can speak directly to his or her ability to pursue graduate study. The statements of recommendation are to be sent by the writers of the recommendations to the Office of Student Affairs, Master's Program, School of Nursing. Forms to be used are in the application packet.
  3. Take the Graduate Record Examination. Applicants are urged to take this examination as early as possible. Address inquiries to the Graduate Record Examinations, Educational Testing Service, Box 955, Princeton, N.J. 08540, or to the Graduate Record Examinations, Educational Testing Service, Box 1502, Berkeley, CA 94701.
Application Deadlines   The completed application and the $40 application fee must be received by the following dates: March 1 for summer session admission, April 1 for fall semester admission, and December 1 for spring semester admission. Students who do not meet these deadlines but are accepted to the master's program will be admitted for the following session.

All correspondence concerning admission should be addressed to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, School of Nursing, McLeod Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Matriculation   Once a student has been admitted into the Master of Science in Nursing program he/she has one calendar year in which to matriculate. A student who fails to begin classes within one year must re-apply for admission.

Special Student Status   Under special circumstances, students with baccalaureate degrees in nursing may complete a maximum of two graduate nursing courses without formally seeking admission to the degree program. Special Student Status is granted only when there are vacancies available. An application for Special Student Status, obtained from the Office of Student Affairs, must be submitted prior to the registration period for the semester in which the student desires to enroll. Admitted students receive priority for enrollment in courses which are oversubscribed. Completion of coursework as a special student does not guarantee admission to the program.

Students wishing to take University of Virginia off-grounds, credit courses at a University of Virginia Continuing Education Center may take a maximum of six credits which will be accepted towards the Master's degree if the courses meet program requirements. This is in lieu of taking two on-grounds courses as a special student in the School of Nursing. Decisions about the acceptability of a course are determined by the faculty advisor or course professor, depending upon whether the course is a required course or an elective.

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