12: Division of Continuing Education

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Certificate Programs

The Division of Continuing Education offers programs of study which lead to the awarding of certificates in a number of specialized fields in business, education, and other professions. Most certificate programs involve 10-30 credits of instruction.

Generally, admission is based on an application, interview, and evaluation of the applicant's work experience, general educational goals, and potential for performing satisfactorily in the relevant courses. Each student must be interviewed by the program director before being admitted to a certificate program. Students interested in a certificate program should consult the program's director to obtain specific admission requirements.

Applicants may be required to provide transcripts of previous academic work. Students must maintain an average grade of "C" or better to continue in a credit certificate program, or maintain satisfactory progress in noncredit or CEU programs to be eligible to receive a certificate. Admission to credit certificate programs does not in any way imply admission to the University for degree programs. Persons interested in further information about certificate programs should contact the Division at (804) 982-5397.

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