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The Division's units help the University communicate the theoretical and practical value of its research to key constituencies. The Conferences and Institutes, Charlottesville Regional Programs, and Executive and Professional Programs staff includes program specialists who develop academic and professional seminars, courses, and conferences in collaboration with University departments and faculty members. Program specialists draw together the resources of several departments to address the complex academic or professional questions facing selected segments of the public. Program specialists also maintain regular contact with the academic and professional communities outside the University, to ensure that the University recognizes and responds to important opportunities to share its resources effectively. For additional information, call (804) 982-5397.

The Citizen Scholar Program   Qualified adult students may register for on-grounds, regularly scheduled instruction at the University of Virginia. Those who have completed the bachelor's degree and who are not currently registered in any degree programs at the University of Virginia, may apply for admission to the Citizen Scholar Program. Adults who have completed two or more years of college, and have specific academic needs which cannot be met by other area colleges may also apply. The program is a part-time credit non-degree study option. A detailed description of the status, its options and limits, is included in the program brochure. Admission to this program does not constitute admission to any of the University of Virginia's degree-granting programs.

Prospective Citizen Scholars are encouraged to apply by July 15 for fall enrollment, or by December 1 for spring. A brochure and application for the Citizen Scholar Program may be obtained by calling (804) 982-5313, or by visiting the Charlottesville Regional Programs Office, 104 Midmont Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

The Special Student Program   Regularly admitted undergraduate students at the University of Virginia with special learning agendas may be referred to this status by their department chair or dean. Students must obtain the written permission of their dean, advisor, instructor, and others as required by the school of enrollment. There are limits to the amount of course work that can be taken in this status. Credits earned through the Division of Continuing Education may be applied to a degree only by permission of the degree-granting school.


Zehmer Hall   The administrative and central programming offices of the Division of Continuing Education are housed in Zehmer Hall. It also functions as a center for conferences, institutes, seminars, workshops, and similar continuing education programs that the Division conducts year round. Zehmer Hall can also be used by university groups and community organizations for meetings, training activities and other educational activities.

Birdwood Pavilion   In 1974, the University of Virginia purchased the 560-acre Birdwood estate, which is located two miles west of the Grounds. The centerpiece of the estate is an antebellum, red brick mansion, now called the Birdwood Pavilion. The Division of Continuing Education has renovated and refurbished the mansion and, in July of 1980, began to use it for continuing education activities. For further information contact the Division of Continuing Education, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 3697, 104 Midmont Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22903, or phone (804) 982-5252.

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