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Division of Continuing Education programs have varying policies regarding refunds. Please refer to course descriptions or special brochures for details. The following is the general policy for refunds, and applies except as otherwise indicated.

All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the center or office director (or the deputy director for academic support at Northern Virginia). The date of the postmark, fax, or in-person request determines the amount of the refund. If registration is by credit card, include the card number since any refund must be credited to that account. Notifying an instructor or a sponsoring agency does not constitute an official request to withdraw from a class.

Refunds are calculated according to the following considerations:

  1. Refunds are granted automatically when a scheduled class is canceled.
  2. If a student drops prior to the first class meeting, a full refund of tuition is granted less a $12 fee. If any materials have already been photocopied for the student, any materials fee is not refunded.
  3. For courses of ten or more sessions, 80 percent of the tuition is refunded between the first and second class meetings. A refund of 60 percent is granted between the second and third class meetings. No refund is granted after the third class meeting.
  4. For courses of three to nine sessions, 80 percent of the tuition is refunded between the first and second classes. No refund is granted after the second class meeting.
  5. For courses of one or two sessions, no refund is available once the course begins.
Refund checks are issued by the University treasurer in Charlottesville, Virginia. Allow four to six weeks for processing. Please direct refund inquiries to the regional center.

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